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2 days ago in the car I had the following conversation with Will, Brett's 3 year old son:

Me to Brett: "Ugh, why did I wear this outfit. I look like a big beached whale, or a rhino."

Will to me: "Wisa, you don't look as big as a whale."

Me to Will: "Thanks, Will. How about a rhino?"

Will to me: "Just a baby Rhino I think."

Me to Will: "Wait...so I look like a baby Rhino?"

Will to me: "No Wisa, you look like a girl, but you are as big as a baby rhino."

Me to Will: "How big is a baby rhino?"

Will to me: "They are pretty big"

Then I cried.

Then I decided I was never eating again.

Then I forgot, and ate a burger.


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It is too hot. I have no desire to type. No desire to come up with any witty, sarcastic remarks. No desire to even be awake, to be honest. So here are the pictures I took the past few days. I give you my permission to make up your own story, if you so desire.


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Please ignore the scary, no make-up aspect of this picture and focus on my freaky pupils. I walked past the bathroom mirror the other day and did a complete frantic double-take as I noticed that one pupil was huge, and the other teeny! It looked so weird! And it freaked me out! I swear I'm not on drugs...At least to my knowledge.

Oh dear. It was weird.

The pupils returned to their normal state about an hour later. 'Tis a mystery.


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Julian Casablancas, (my love) of THE STROKES, (my all-time favorite band) will be debuting his solo album "Phrazes for the Young" this year. You can preview it here. I'm so excited!

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So... On Friday, I was getting ready for work (at 5am, mind you) and I picked up the nearest dry towel to rub my wet hair on. I gave it a good rub down, then flipped it off to reveal a huge toothpaste mess in my hair. Sadly, this is NOT the first time this has happened. I apparently had stepped on the toothpaste tube that had fallen on the floor, squirting toothpaste into my towel, which was also thrown carelessly on the floor. Grrrr...It's tough being me, I tell you. And even tougher since my stresses are self-inflicted. But this THIS is where the story truly lets LISA shine... After the incident, I put the towel in my hamper to wash, and then re-showered. Sometime between then and last night, I did some laundry (I know Mom, I can't believe it either) and decided not to wash the towel with my clothes. BUT I didn't put it back in the hamper, I left it on the floor apparently because last night, guess which, seemingly clean towel I used to dry off my hair?

Woe is me.


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Today I am happy.
Today the sun is shining and life is good.
Today I talked to my little sister, who I adore.
Today I woke up to a text that said "Good Morning Beautiful".
Today I ate healthy. And today I'm sore from yesterday's workout.
Today I feel content and grateful.
Today my hair looks really good.
Today I get to relax with two cute gentlemen.
Today I love my life. And tomorrow will be no different.


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I wanna be this guy. I'm ready to crawl into my Snuggie and flip on Seinfeld.... Oh these pesky priorities, they kill me.


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So far this morning I have hit my not-so-funny bone twice & bit my tongue! What's the deal?! I must have a long day ahead of me...


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I have a reputation, you see. A reputation for being somewhat, whats the word, spacey? This weekend in particular was a weekend jam-packed with me doing what I do best.... Losing everything. I lost my phone and/or keys about 6 times, each time resulting in a ten minute search through endless piles of clean laundry on my floor... (At least it's clean laundry) I think 5 out of the 6 times, my lost item was in my purse, or back pocket. It's really becoming a problem. There is something wrong with me. B suggested I get something to keep my keys close, something like this, Poor guy. Am I really that bad? Yes. B must really be getting tired of the multiple daily hunts for my personal belongings... I found myself thinking this weekend, why is it always me? Why can't he ever lose anything?

Well, though not intentionally, I can't help but feel that my above stated thoughts may have been somehow responsible for what happened Saturday... A story which I shall tell you now:

On Saturday, we borrowed Brent's truck to haul some stuff to Wal-Mart. The truck was at Britanny & Jake's so we left the Jeep at their house, and took the truck. When we got got back to the Dempsey's we hung around for a bit and watched Alice ride her bike. As we were strolling to the Jeep to go home, B reached into his pocket to pull out his keys and in one motion dropped them directly into a hole in the cover of the storm drain....

I gasped, then froze. (as I always do when I don't know how to react.)

We just stood there for a few moments, staring at eachother, then back at the storm drain.

"Did that really just happen?"

By this time Britanny, Alice and Roxie were beside us. Alice in a worried, panic-like state began apologizing to passerby for the disturbace, then said "Oh no, I am going to call my dad!"

In the meantime, we took the lid off. Seeing that there was a ladder, and realizing that not having his keys was NOT an option, B decided he was "goin' in".

Ick. What if he tripped and fell into the gunk?
How would he recover? How would I recover?

But he did it. There he goes into the darkness....

Hello? Anybody down there? Oh no, the "gunk" got him, I knew it.

And then suddenly, from the darkness, some keys came flying out, followed by a gunk-covered man.
After he hosed down in the backyard. We went back to his house, where he showered for the next 4-5 hours. :)


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I have been trying to diet lately. And I'd like to give you one reason why I am failing:
Yes, this is an entire cupboard-full of "Lisa don't eat that" products. B showed it to me on our first date, and I've been in love with him ever since. (that's not the only reason, however :)) 

That wonderful gentleman that I am dating, is wonderful, yes. But I am growing envious of him as I watch him eating whatever he pleases, and never worrying about squeezing his bum into his new designer jeans. But, I? I deal with this worry on a daily basis. Curses to bulk size bags of goodies.

Today, it stops. Today I remind myself that I am the boss of me. (please self)


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Before I get to the 4th, I will focus on the 3rd. The 3rd, was B & I's 9 month dating anniversary. I will admit... I remembered it a few days prior, but on the actual day, I forgot. But he showed up at my door with these lovely flowers and a smooch. What a lucky girl I am. I love you B :) 

Ok... Now for the 4th. We went to the Cadd's, who are family friends of the Hodson's. They have a great home on Lake Sammamish and throw a 4th of July party each year with food, boating, and an awesome fireworks show. I felt excited to be a part of it this year. 

Anyhoo... B & I made chocolate covered strawberries for the party. And I only cried once in the process... THAT is a successful baking experience. Plus, NOW I know the proper way to melt chocolate. (Thanks Brenda)
Aren't they lovely? We know.
I love him.
I love us.
Dear pre-tubing Brett,
 ... Don't do it... your back is going to hurt all day Sunday.
Love, Lisa
The musicians.
Uncle Sam.
Roxie :)
Ok... I realize this doesn't really "fit" into the 4th of July theme I have going here, but I saw this at the Hodson's last night and I immediately was taken back to childhood. We had this exact same Fisher Price set when I was growing up. With the green car and those same people. I remember I always used to use that bald dad because it looked like my own dad (Sorry Dad, when I was young I associated all bald men, even toys apparently, with you.) I sat down and played for a moment, it's true.
It was a wonderful weekend :) Bring on the week... :/


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This sequel post is to acknowledge that Page, was in fact, also on the trip! Page, it was simply delightful to meet you!