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I am going to be a better blogger, I swear. You will see... One day you will log on and I will have 15 posts up, documenting in detail all the many things I have been doing lately. Really. Just not today. But I will give a brief update:

1. Happy Birthday to my sister Sara! The most independent & original 16 year old I know. Sara, you continue to fascinate me. Each time I see you, I learn of another talent you have. From theater to photography, to who knows what...You do your own thing. I'm glad to be a part of it :) And proud of you!

2. I love this girl (and her fella) and her shower was delightful. And the wedding will be wonderful. And I am so excited for her :)
2. Thriller was awesome! Best birthday present ever to get to go with my heee-larious sister, Katie. The only person in the world that shares my weird humor. The sole person I know I can look at when I snort out a laugh only to find her doing the same. Because she sees humor where I see humor... And it's subtle... Like noticing among the hundreds of people in the theatre...a gal breaking down during the finale Thriller dance because it was "just too painful to watch" with the recent passing of Michael Jackson. Thanks Katie, for "getting" me. For being that person who I know will find those subtle, funny things going on in a quiet, inappropriate, or seemingly unfunny situation... For having a laugh that is so contagious that thinking about something 4 weeks later can have me rolling on the ground, peeing my pants. And for taking me to Thriller.

4. I have lost 12 pounds. I am proud to say, I currently do not have to do the make-my-jeans-fit-squat with any pair of my jeans. You ladies know the squat I mean? It's not pretty. Who knew that eating healthy and working out would have this effect? What a concept. If I had only known :) Onward.


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I had a great weekend. Mostly because it was my birthday weekend!

I was spoiled by this guy: Hehe...I love this picture of B. Lil Scout :)

Brett & I had fun together this weekend. On Friday night he gave me the CUTEST fitted DC jacket. He has great taste! (Better than me I think, waaaahhh) We then went to see Couples Retreat, which I thought was pretty funny! On Saturday he took me to The Keg (a yummy steakhouse) where I cheated on my diet. ...SO! I can on my birthday!... Then lots of cuddlin'. Plus all weekend Brett let me have the remote to watch "Say yes to the Dress" and "Snapped" since it was my birthday weekend :)

Sunday was nice also. Church, dinner at B's parents house, then hung out with this little guy:

He wanted to watch 2 movies, and ONLY 2 movies:
1: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
2: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

I felt like I needed to be making fudge, wearing gloves and a scarf, the whole dealio in order to watch Christmas movies in October... But turns out I love them just as much in Oct. than I do in Dec. (Plus I can't get enough of the wannabe dentist in Rudolph singing "Misfit")

We made cookies too... Mostly for ERIN DRAPER'S BIRTHDAY!!! :) (Love ya girl!)

Happy Birthday to me. 23 down... Undetermined number years to go...


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I feel so good. Happy, and blessed, and good. I love my life. I love the rain we are getting; walking in it and smelling the fresh air it leaves behind. I love my B, who is such a strength and example to me. I love my mom, and the constant support she offers without an ounce of judgment cast. I love the people who inspire me, teach me, and help me to grow. I love the innocence of little ones, and the simple outlook they give me. I love my sisters, and the closeness we share. I love finding others who can find humor in most all situations. I love life. And I love YOU!


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I have not been blogging as often as I should, I know. And I DO have plenty to blog about: Brett & I's one year (dating) anniversary, pre-wedding prep for my cute cousin, my recent move between apt's, etc, etc, etc... But I haven't had the time!

This post, however, is simply to state that today I am beginning the South Beach diet again. I did pretty well the last time, I just didn't keep it going. So... Here I go again. I stocked up on food, so there is no turning back now... Ready, GO!


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Brett's sister-in-law, Shannon, posted on her Facebook to "watch her friend Stephanie on OPRAH", a Mommy Blogger, telling her story of surviving a plane crash a little over a year ago. Knowing nothing of Stephanie (Nie), her family, or her blog, I went to her page... I spent at least the next 3 hours reading through teary-eyes - entries both pre-crash and post-crash. The unconditional love Nie and her husband share is incredible. What an amazing, inspirational woman...A devoted mother & wife, with such strength. And an undeniable, unwavering faith in -and understanding of- Gods Eternal plan. I am so touched.