at Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

I have not been blogging as often as I should, I know. And I DO have plenty to blog about: Brett & I's one year (dating) anniversary, pre-wedding prep for my cute cousin, my recent move between apt's, etc, etc, etc... But I haven't had the time!

This post, however, is simply to state that today I am beginning the South Beach diet again. I did pretty well the last time, I just didn't keep it going. So... Here I go again. I stocked up on food, so there is no turning back now... Ready, GO!


  1. i need to lose a few pounds-let me know how the south beach diet goes and if it works.

  1. i love you loop!!!
    you are AMAZING with all your help!!

  1. Oh Lisha...
    I looked way back on your blog and it is so good to see you enjoying life in Seattle. Your boy sounds like a sweetie!

  1. Hey Lisa!! i just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday weekend! i hope all of your birthday wishes come true! remember how we use to make eachother cookies because everyone else forgot about us?you always made the best no bakes around! love you darlin!