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I will begin with this: I am a wimp. I am cautious and hesitant to participate in any activity in which injury is a possibility. I am delicate. I bruise like a peach. Growing up I never understood how some of the girls I knew were so tough. Like my friend Shannon who would wrestle with her huge Golden Retriever as I sat horrified, biting my nails safely behind the doggie-gate. Or Katie, the girl that could take a punch to the nose and hop right back up to sock the kid who did it. I never understood how these "tough girls" got so tough. Why did I earn the nickname of "mom" by the third grade for my scaredy-cat "g...g...guys, be care-ful!" catch phrase?

Why? I'll tell you why... I had seven sisters.

When I got into a fight with one of my sisters...I didn't wrestle, or punch or kick. I tore their homework in half, poured bleach on a prized article of clothing, or ripped the head off of a beloved Malibu Barbie doll.

I never had someone toughen me up. Therefore, I grew up wimpy.

I missed out on this...

p.s. I hope Bridgette doesn't mind me posting these pictures, I just couldn't help it. Cutest little face ever.


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Here I am back in 1992.And '76.... Crazy year, man.
A cleaner-cut me in '74
A short Disco-period in 1970
Way back in 1960... Those were the days.
Tee hee... I love YearbookYourself.com

And I have way too much free time...

So long friends.


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This weekend I did many things. Below is a brief rundown of some of them...

I watched William catch a frog and hold it so tight it's eyeballs popped out.

(ok I am exaggerating...But not much)
I built a Lincoln Log cabin.
I had dinner at a restaurant that smelled like a bathroom with my mother, B & Will.

I acted my "normal" strange self around people I love...Who seem to love me regardless...score!
I spent a scorching hot day at The Fair. Why did we do that again? ...hmmm

Side note:
After Admission to The Fair complete with ice-cream, kiddie rides, petting zoo, kitty displays, monster trucks, elephant ears, foot massager fun....And T...T...T..TIRED legs....I asked William what his favorite part of the fair was...

His answer was two-fold:
1. "The man dressed like a giant coffee cup." (as we were EXITING the fair)
2. "The part where {his} Daddy (B) was afraid of the cows."

I ate Chicken Soft Tacos at Del Taco, because they have one in Federal Way. WOOT WOOT!

I laughed at the shoulder pad look of this sweatshirt at Wal-Mart.
I watched 3.5 consecutive hours of Medium because it's the best show EVER.

I made snickerdoodles for the first time.

I watched Groundhogs Day.

I cried - also a two-fold:
1: mommy leaves at 4am tomorrow on a jet plane
2: I am taking her to the airport.


Took a little venture to Ben Franklin last night... Not really a good move for me. I can't go into that store without leaving with bags of stuff I reeeeally don't need, but "can't live without."
My mom wanted to hit up a scrapbook store that she had never been to. My mom is the QUEEN
scrapbooker. You can see her book "Scrapbooking your Family History" on her website HERE.

Anyhoo... I just have to say how awesome scrapbook stuff has become. I love all the cute paper and accessories you can find to use. It has become an actual OBSESSION of mine. I find myself finding the paper and theme for a page and then thinking "Ok, now I need a picture to scrapbook" Ha ha, how backwards is that?

Question... Who has a Cricut? I want one so bad. I have this weird thing about using only sticker, stamped, or die-cut letters in my scrapbooks. I hate handwritten stuff. Maybe I just hate MY handwriting. (I am left-handed, therefore I can't write ANYTHING without leaving a trail of smudges to the left of everything) Anyway, I do have a point... I was looking for the Cricut machines last night to drool over the machine, new fonts, and other related gadgets that I can't afford & I couldn't find it. Instead I saw this:

Who has heard of "The Slice"? Does anyone know if it is better or worse than the Cricut? Not that I could afford it anymore than I could the Cricut, I'm just wonderin'.

I have also seen a lot of peeps get into Digital Scrapbooking, The idea seems really cool to me. A lot more freedom and a lot less cost. But giving up the organics of paper? die-cuts? little buttons? Ribbons? What programs is best? Digital scrapbookers, if any are out there... Share your wisdom.

While wandering last night I found some really cute paper and whatnot. Some I purchased, some I snapped pictures of for my pocketbooks sake. I posted some pictures.

I love Cosmo Cricket designs. Very cool colors and designs. Vintage-housewife looking (my own made-up word to describe them :)

I loved this alphabet one. So cute for a childs first day of school. Now all I need are some children...

...See what I mean about planning my pages WAY before the photos are taken!? I have a problem.

I loved this simple design.
My favorite one. I love the colors.

This is Cosmo Cricket: (most of the stuff I posted is)

This reminded me of some dishes at Target that I loved.
Lisa, you want to scrapbook dishes now? I need help.


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Yesterday for breakfast I had:
1 handful of my homemade caramel popcorn
1 Root Beer

Today for breakfast I had:
4 Red Vines
2 slices of leftover pizza

Breakfast of champions?

Music on my morning drive to work is a crucial part of:
a) waking me up
b) deciding my mood for the day

This morning I listened to "Doin Time" by Sublime. That song is so wonderful. It ALWAYS puts me in a good mood.


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Need I say more?



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Today B & little Will left me and headed to sunny California. Waaaaaahhh.

What am I supposed to do with myself for the next four days?

What was that you said? ...."Watch The Phantom of the Opera for the 786th time while in my jammies eating a pint of Dulce de Leche Haagen Daas?"

Alright, alright, I'll do it...