at Sunday, September 13, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

This weekend I did many things. Below is a brief rundown of some of them...

I watched William catch a frog and hold it so tight it's eyeballs popped out.

(ok I am exaggerating...But not much)
I built a Lincoln Log cabin.
I had dinner at a restaurant that smelled like a bathroom with my mother, B & Will.

I acted my "normal" strange self around people I love...Who seem to love me regardless...score!
I spent a scorching hot day at The Fair. Why did we do that again? ...hmmm

Side note:
After Admission to The Fair complete with ice-cream, kiddie rides, petting zoo, kitty displays, monster trucks, elephant ears, foot massager fun....And T...T...T..TIRED legs....I asked William what his favorite part of the fair was...

His answer was two-fold:
1. "The man dressed like a giant coffee cup." (as we were EXITING the fair)
2. "The part where {his} Daddy (B) was afraid of the cows."

I ate Chicken Soft Tacos at Del Taco, because they have one in Federal Way. WOOT WOOT!

I laughed at the shoulder pad look of this sweatshirt at Wal-Mart.
I watched 3.5 consecutive hours of Medium because it's the best show EVER.

I made snickerdoodles for the first time.

I watched Groundhogs Day.

I cried - also a two-fold:
1: mommy leaves at 4am tomorrow on a jet plane
2: I am taking her to the airport.


  1. looks like a fun weekend! I asked Will about the fair and he again said that his favorite part was the man dressed up like coffee. He also said something about a dead man in a car?!?! do explain... ;)