Took a little venture to Ben Franklin last night... Not really a good move for me. I can't go into that store without leaving with bags of stuff I reeeeally don't need, but "can't live without."
My mom wanted to hit up a scrapbook store that she had never been to. My mom is the QUEEN
scrapbooker. You can see her book "Scrapbooking your Family History" on her website HERE.

Anyhoo... I just have to say how awesome scrapbook stuff has become. I love all the cute paper and accessories you can find to use. It has become an actual OBSESSION of mine. I find myself finding the paper and theme for a page and then thinking "Ok, now I need a picture to scrapbook" Ha ha, how backwards is that?

Question... Who has a Cricut? I want one so bad. I have this weird thing about using only sticker, stamped, or die-cut letters in my scrapbooks. I hate handwritten stuff. Maybe I just hate MY handwriting. (I am left-handed, therefore I can't write ANYTHING without leaving a trail of smudges to the left of everything) Anyway, I do have a point... I was looking for the Cricut machines last night to drool over the machine, new fonts, and other related gadgets that I can't afford & I couldn't find it. Instead I saw this:

Who has heard of "The Slice"? Does anyone know if it is better or worse than the Cricut? Not that I could afford it anymore than I could the Cricut, I'm just wonderin'.

I have also seen a lot of peeps get into Digital Scrapbooking, The idea seems really cool to me. A lot more freedom and a lot less cost. But giving up the organics of paper? die-cuts? little buttons? Ribbons? What programs is best? Digital scrapbookers, if any are out there... Share your wisdom.

While wandering last night I found some really cute paper and whatnot. Some I purchased, some I snapped pictures of for my pocketbooks sake. I posted some pictures.

I love Cosmo Cricket designs. Very cool colors and designs. Vintage-housewife looking (my own made-up word to describe them :)

I loved this alphabet one. So cute for a childs first day of school. Now all I need are some children...

...See what I mean about planning my pages WAY before the photos are taken!? I have a problem.

I loved this simple design.
My favorite one. I love the colors.

This is Cosmo Cricket: (most of the stuff I posted is)

This reminded me of some dishes at Target that I loved.
Lisa, you want to scrapbook dishes now? I need help.


  1. ha ha, you're funny!

    So I have a GREAT idea.... I have a child, who you happen to love, I dont care for scrapbooking, you love it, therefore you should scrapbook Will's life. Deal? ;)

  1. can i pay you to scrapbook my wedding? haha im trying to do our dating scrapbook now... i am HORRIBLE!!!

  1. this post cracked me up! i am NOT a scrapbooker, but i wish i was. i can't deal with the mess!

    and your comment was SO sweet! it maybe MADE my day. i am lucky to have my bros & i love them more than life, but growing up i always wanted a sister, so it goes both ways.

    and how wonderful about the temple. there is something about that place that just makes all of your troubles seem so small, yes? congrats, girl.