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I'm a slacker... I know.

Here are some pictures from Henry's Blessing Day. He didn't cry, or have a blow-out. That made for a great Blessing day & a happy mommy. My Mother-In-Law MADE his adorable Blessing outfit. I absolutely LOVED it.


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As I sat on the couch last night with my not-so-jazzed-up-to-go-to-sleep-on-this-particular-night-even-though-he-is-a-wonderful-sleep-thru-the-night-dream-normally baby, I didn't feel frustrated, or impatient, or tired, as I would have perhaps expected to. I felt content. I just looked at my wee little one as I have thousands of times since the almost eight weeks since he made his {fashionably late..ahem} arrival into this world, and just smiled. I put on my Moby Wrap (which I just barely took the time to learn how to use and it is frickin' awesome, get one!) and let my baby have some skin-to-skin with his momma for a while. And there he remained for several hours. There is something so calming about a sweet little babe bundled close, asleep on your chest. I didn't want that moment to pass. I keep wondering how I got so lucky to get this little peanut... I am completely smitten. And I don't know what I did to deserve it...but he thinks i'm pretty awesome too. (Or maybe he's in it for the milk...)

Motherhood is awesome. And I am so glad I joined the club. I like to think I took the express course, as a little over one year ago, I had zero children (and a much smaller pant size - but I won't get in to that) and now I have two. Zero to two is not exactly how I planned it in my head when I used to daydream about my future- but it certainly is the absolute only life I can picture for myself now. I feel lucky to have an awesome step-son, who is hilarious, and incredibly smart - I think he knows more facts than I do - I KNOW he knows more facts than I do...I often feel the need to pretend I know what the heck he's talking about - just to feel better about myself -you know, because he's FIVE...and I am not five."William, Of course I knew that a male duck has a green head, and a female duck has a brown head, so she can camoflauge herself and her eggs, duh... doesn't everyone?"

And i'm luckier still to have a new little cuddly & cool bebe boy, who I can't believe I ever lived without. Life is not always easy...Ok, it's rarely easy... But it's funny how much easier and more enjoyable it is when you are surrounded by little ones. There are few things that bring me more joy than being around little fingers & toes, finding teeny weeny socks in my endless laundry-to-fold-and put-away-only-to-wash-fold-and-put-away-again-in-two-days pile, hearing little prayers, kissing chubby cheeks, receiving giant bouquets of dandelions picked at preschool, watching little milestones, finding a clean shirt in my closet that miraculously doesn't have milk on it, pretending to laugh like crazy at the "funniest joke I ever heard" (and then trying to keep laughing at each attempt he makes to actually tell the joke correctly...usually that doesn't ever happen), snuggling a freshly washed baby, mashed potatoes (not on topic, but brings me joy nonetheless), and just feeling needed- I love being a mom.

I guess i'll wrap this rambling speech up already...sorry, my readers (aka, Mom)
Happy Monday... I best be getting started on that heap of miniature laundry... Or actually maybe first i'll eat a box of Charelston Chews, then laundry... Wait, no...Charelston Chews, then watch the Price is Right, then laundry.

Maybe I better just reschedule laundry for Tuesday... I wouldn't want to overdo it.