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Friday night I went and purchased some sidewalk chalk, claiming that it was an activity for Will, but in all actuality I just really like to play with sidewalk chalk. It was fun, except for the part when Brett & I had to lay down and be "traced"... I looked a little like my elementary school teachers after that, with chalk down my outfit.
On Saturday morning we got in the Jeep and headed to Yakima (or near Yakima) to visit Brett's Grandparents. Will had been wanting to see the animals that they had living nearby. The drive was about 3 hours. I think we were about 15 minutes in when Will said "Um, guys?... This is taking a reeeeallly long time..." :) 
This was a cool gas station on our way, shaped like a teapot. We knew for sure it was not in working order when we saw that gas was $1.79/gallon :)
Brett's Grandfather took us to a ranch nearby their home where we saw horses, goats, sheep & cows, & some big tractors & trucks.

This was out back behind B's Grandparents home. There were a few horses & a little Colt.

(I could have used some sunglasses)

On our way home, we stopped at a yummy burger place in North Bend.

The jeep has bugs all over the windshield so when we were approaching home, Will woke up suddenly and said "The Jeep! we need to wash the Jeep!" So we did. :)
On Sunday Will went to his momma's house. After church, B & I went on a bike ride along the Slough. It was  such a gorgeous day for it too. I am so incredibly out of shape though... Something that becomes evident when riding my bike.
After our ride, we headed to my Aunts house for dinner & time with family & new friends... Which in my family apparently means rockband & a game in which one sprays whipped cream into their palm, slams their wrist & tries to catch the whipped cream in their mouth. I was not very good at the game and ended up with whipped cream all over my skirt.

On Monday morning we got up early to go play Rugby in Seattle (I, of course, was a sideline cheerleader, as I play no sports and lack the coordination necessary to do so).

It was gorgeous weather, and so nice to just lay there. 
After Rugby, we went to Mike & Jen's apartment in the sky (which is a-mazing) & they made us a delightful breakfast :)

I then expressed my want to explore Seattle as a "tourist".  I have lived here almost a year and had never really experienced seeing that stuff. So our first stop? Coldstone. Second? Payless shoes, ha ha. But I got some adorable shoes! 

Next we went to Pike Place (Not Pike's Place, as I had previously been calling it) We walked up and down the market. I bought fresh peaches, Rainier cherries & some beef jerky that was divine. 
We then went to check out the Northwest Folklife Festival that was going on. There were a ton of people there... And oh what a people they were! People-watching at it's best :) 

There were some very cool booths, I wanted to buy everything...
Brett & Mike won matching "Love Pens" in the spin-the-wheel game. Brett was quite protective of his.

After the days festivities, we went to M & J's for a BBQ, then headed to my apartment, where we went swimming/hot-tubbing a bit.

It was such a great long weekend...Thanks B :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my B!!!!! I love you so much :) 


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leafy foods are coming out my ears, and i think my skin is turning green. I am having thoughts. thoughts of snatching food from the fingers of complete strangers. I think they are greedy, I find myself loathing them. though I remind myself that this was self-inflicted, my idea. And yet, I hate without exception any full-bellied being I meet. I know who they are... that unmistakable look of satisfaction on their plump face. A face I once had. A face I turned my back on, felt was getting chubby, feared an irreversible double chin was forming...A double chin that I now know was storing all my happiness, my nice nature, and positivity. a self-inflicted diet. to make me happier...? i'm moody. irritable. envious..... 

....But six pounds lighter! Woot Woot! Can't stop now!


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Ok... So it's day 6 on the South Beach diet. It has been going well, aside from the fact that it has been really difficult for me to find food to eat. I know I could do better at finding recipes, preparing them, and bringing them to work & whatnot, but I haven't been doing that much. 

However... Yesterday I stopped at Jimmy Johns to pick up Gift Certificates for Shauna for her birthday... As I was paying I saw something on the menu that I could eat! The "JJ Unwich". Thinking back on what I ate that day, which consisted of sugar-free JELLO, 3 celery sticks, and egg white quiche, and a teeny salad, ....I thought I should get myself one :) It was something I would never had ordered before, mostly because it didn't include JJ's delicious bread! But I really loved it. I suppose I see a change in me in the past week as far as getting out of my comfort zone (which is burgers & fries) and eating something healthier. And each day really does get easier. 


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I saw these at Target, and I love them! Just though I'd share.


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Okay, as those of you who read my blog know, recently I quit drinking Diet Coke...Which was quite the task for me. But from that, came the idea that perhaps I am a bit more self-disciplined than I thought... What else could I attempt?

SO... The South Beach Diet begins today. 

The South Beach Diet Phase 1 lasts for two weeks. During this first phase, I can eat only chicken, beef, turkey, fish, and shellfish, lots of vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, and garden salads using 100% olive oil for my salad dressing. Each day for 14 days, I will eat three, well-balanced meals. 

This morning, for breakfast, I had a teeny bit of cottage cheese, skim milk, & one serving of liquid egg substitute (And I'm STARVING) But the idea is to flush the foods you crave out of your system for the first two weeks. I actually think I can do this! (I sure hope so, because I ate 2 Dilly Bars and a hand full of marshmallows yesterday :/ )

"I think I can, I think I can..."


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We went to the Mariners game on Saturday. We lost, but it still was a blast! I ate WAY too much, as I had anticipated. :) But, I had never been to SafeCo field and it was a great night to go. We got free hats at the door (the one Ang is wearing). We had great seats, front row behind left field. Angie was committed to having a ball player fall for her by games end, so Brett & Ang spent the majority of the game trying to get the attention of the players below us.