at Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Ok... So it's day 6 on the South Beach diet. It has been going well, aside from the fact that it has been really difficult for me to find food to eat. I know I could do better at finding recipes, preparing them, and bringing them to work & whatnot, but I haven't been doing that much. 

However... Yesterday I stopped at Jimmy Johns to pick up Gift Certificates for Shauna for her birthday... As I was paying I saw something on the menu that I could eat! The "JJ Unwich". Thinking back on what I ate that day, which consisted of sugar-free JELLO, 3 celery sticks, and egg white quiche, and a teeny salad, ....I thought I should get myself one :) It was something I would never had ordered before, mostly because it didn't include JJ's delicious bread! But I really loved it. I suppose I see a change in me in the past week as far as getting out of my comfort zone (which is burgers & fries) and eating something healthier. And each day really does get easier. 


  1. yup, i love the unwich. i get one a few times a week for lunch. ask for no mayo and you drop another 200 calories, making them suuuuppperrr low cal (about 200, for most).

    keep up the good work! i am SUCKING this week.

  1. I can't even have mayo, haha:) SO mine consisted of turkey & sprouts :)

  1. GOOD JOB!! i am very proud of you! i dont think i could do this diet! i would starve to death!!

  1. ...that looks so gross!!!!
    which in fact makes me about 9 million times more impressed!
    love you loop!

  1. Mmmm.. I LOVE JJ's! Keep up the discipline!