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at Monday, July 19, 2010 Posted by Lisa 1 comments

Brett worked a ton of overtime last week. So when he text me on Friday afternoon and said "Let's go somewhere this weekend" I knew it needed to happen. And when he suggested camping on the beach, I was definitely excited. I had been to the Oregon coast, so I had an idea of the difference between the hot, busy, sunny CA coast and the cold, frigid air that welcomes you at the Washington coast. To be honest, I prefer it. It's so beautiful.

Anyway... we went. And guess what? We chose to leave at 5pm on a Friday night... Can you say traffic? It took us 4 hours to get there. (vs. 2 hours to get home) We recently got Will a car dvd player for long trips, and that may have been the best money we have ever spent. Looney Tunes saved us from hearing "Are we there yet" nonstop. Though, I may have heard it a few times :)

Despite the traffic and arriving at 9:30pm, we had a great time camping, telling scary stories in our tent, driving our car onto the beach, trying to skim board down sand dunes, and ME watching the boys freeze to death when they chose to strip down to swimsuits and get into the water. Meanwhile, I was bundled in a sweatshirt and wrapped in a blanket. But someone had to take pictures, right?


Just bought my ticket to Utah for my trip to visit in September. 'Cause all my friends keep havin' babies! And they need to meet Aunt Lisa!

And 'cause I am missing my family :(
Like... really, alot.