at Sunday, July 25, 2010 Posted by Lisa

...That's pretty much it.



  1. That was fast! ;) Congratulations! How are you feeling?

  1. Congratulations!

  1. congratulations Lisa!!!! You will be a great mom--- and it seems like you already are!!!!! You are so cute.........I remember when you were little and I taught you in young womens......I'm so proud of you! Love, Anne Earl

  1. WHA? That is great news! Totally excited for you :)

  1. YAY!!! You are going to be such an amazing mom! I am very excited for you. Congrats!

  1. that was SO fast! congrats girl!! how far along?

  1. No kidding y'all. It was REALLY fast :) Especially considering the fact that I'm over 2 months pregnant & have been married for 3;) But we are thrilled! It is perfect timing for us

  1. That is SO awesome Lisa, CONGRATS!!!

  1. way to go!!! That's fantastic news!

  1. WOHOO! I'm so excited for you Lisa! You will be the best momma!

  1. you're hilarious. i knew you wouldn't be able to hold it in for long. it's such great news, though- who could hold it in?!

    hoping you're still sick? :)

  1. hey chica...thanks! i know, i was super excited when i read your post! i am 12 weeks & it sounds like you are about 8 (?) so i am just one month ahead of you. so fun! xo.

  1. WHAT!!! That's so great Lisa. I was so surprised when I read it. Congratulations to you both.