at Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

These pictures serve no purpose. I just like them.
I can't believe it's already August.
I feel sick. Really, really sick. All the time.
I know, I know... It's for a good cause.
I eat a lot of popsicles & ice-cream lately.
I have a calm & patient husband.
I have a witty & hilarious step-son.
I am incredibly emotional & clumsy.
My tears fall without warning, and often, without a known reason.
I really miss my dad, mom & sisters.
I am not good at quilting.
Fast food commercials make me throw up lately.
Sugar-snap peas do not.
I have at least two flies in my house, and that drives me batty.
I don't think Seinfeld will ever get old.
I have a calm & patient husband (did I mention that?)
I love my swing out back by the creek.
I have a wonderful life.


  1. You guys are awesome. We miss hanging out --- let's get together sometime.

    And by the freakin' way!... congrats on the expected arrival!


  1. Me calm and patient? Oh stop