Hello friends.

Here's the thing... I want to blog. I do stuff worth reporting (well, that's my opinion anyway, since it's basically all related to me and my kids.) I really have a lot to say. Anyone who has had a conversation with me knows this. Sure, it's random, mindless, and at times simply incoherent babble, but it's information I feel like sharing.  Here's the problem: I just hate typing.

First of all, I have a habit of typing wildly, jotting down information exactly as it comes out of my brain, and then hitting "publish"- only to read later what I have written... And I notice a plethora of grammatical errors, lame jokes, sentences that I feel should be restructured, a part I left out, etc. Grammatical errors really bug me. Like more than seeing someone wearing sweatsocks & Teva's. Sometimes I see an ad on Craigslist that is written poorly, or lacks proof of grammatical thought of any kind and I tell my husband that I no longer want the item, and suggest that it possibly is a scam. Rude, right? So you can imagine how unpleasant it would be for me to see like errors in my own writings. I can't have that kind of pressure in my life.

Secondly, and basically the real reason I don't blog anymore is that I am lazy. I said it. I don't have the patience to sit down and type up the latest. Although, I don't seem to have trouble finding the time to check Craigslist repeatedly for items I rarely end up purchasing, scroll through Pinterest to add another 1600 pins I'll totally never try, Update my Facebook as often as a high school freshman, and Instagram my every move.

I would like to point out that I have the same attitude towards handwriting. But for a different reason altogether. Handwriting as a left handed person is just plain useless. I mastered my cute handwriting like all the other girls in middle school, only to have it end in a smudged mess of un-cuteness. 

But I am here to say that I am going to try to make an effort to record my life. Because I really love it, and I DO want to remember it. Just don't judge me, kay? Like, if I spell "Their" like T-H-I-E-R - Just leave it alone... You can bet I'm already upset enough about it. And if I stop blogging for a while...just consider yourself lucky to not have to read through another lengthy post like this one.

Thank you, and goodbye. (perhaps forever, cause that was a lot of typing.)

P.s. I'm sick today. If you couldn't tell by my "cheery" mood.