at Wednesday, August 22, 2012 Posted by Lisa

Hello friends.

Here's the thing... I want to blog. I do stuff worth reporting (well, that's my opinion anyway, since it's basically all related to me and my kids.) I really have a lot to say. Anyone who has had a conversation with me knows this. Sure, it's random, mindless, and at times simply incoherent babble, but it's information I feel like sharing.  Here's the problem: I just hate typing.

First of all, I have a habit of typing wildly, jotting down information exactly as it comes out of my brain, and then hitting "publish"- only to read later what I have written... And I notice a plethora of grammatical errors, lame jokes, sentences that I feel should be restructured, a part I left out, etc. Grammatical errors really bug me. Like more than seeing someone wearing sweatsocks & Teva's. Sometimes I see an ad on Craigslist that is written poorly, or lacks proof of grammatical thought of any kind and I tell my husband that I no longer want the item, and suggest that it possibly is a scam. Rude, right? So you can imagine how unpleasant it would be for me to see like errors in my own writings. I can't have that kind of pressure in my life.

Secondly, and basically the real reason I don't blog anymore is that I am lazy. I said it. I don't have the patience to sit down and type up the latest. Although, I don't seem to have trouble finding the time to check Craigslist repeatedly for items I rarely end up purchasing, scroll through Pinterest to add another 1600 pins I'll totally never try, Update my Facebook as often as a high school freshman, and Instagram my every move.

I would like to point out that I have the same attitude towards handwriting. But for a different reason altogether. Handwriting as a left handed person is just plain useless. I mastered my cute handwriting like all the other girls in middle school, only to have it end in a smudged mess of un-cuteness. 

But I am here to say that I am going to try to make an effort to record my life. Because I really love it, and I DO want to remember it. Just don't judge me, kay? Like, if I spell "Their" like T-H-I-E-R - Just leave it alone... You can bet I'm already upset enough about it. And if I stop blogging for a while...just consider yourself lucky to not have to read through another lengthy post like this one.

Thank you, and goodbye. (perhaps forever, cause that was a lot of typing.)

P.s. I'm sick today. If you couldn't tell by my "cheery" mood.


  1. That is too funny you wrote this. I actually feel the SAME about grammatical errors. They drive me CRAZY! ESPECIALLY when/if I'm the one that made them. I usually read through my blog 2-3 times before publishing then one or two more times once it's published just to make sure! Then I also try and remember to click the spell check just in case! I've also found blogging quite the taxt (as you may have noticed) I've gone from being really good and updating once a week, to more like once a month. It's not that easy with three rugrats running around, but I AM glad once I do it 'cause it usually consists of things I want to remember and I know I'll be happy I did in the future. Just gotta keep telling myself that :) Good Luck!

  1. love it. welcome back.

  1. YAY! Welcome back! I've missed your posts!

  1. Tori - I can't proof read it. I'm too much of a perfectionist. (in that department only) I will spend another half hour fixing the rambling & separating the run-on sentence that came out of my mind and on to the screen,which only adds to my dislike for tedious typing. (and handwriting)I have to quickly type out something without thinking, quick spellcheck, publish. I don't understand why one of my only strengths in school, aside from recess & lunch (I was quite skilled in those areas) was English/writing, yet I don't enjoy doing it whatsoever. What a waste.

  1. If it will help, I will promise to leave a comment after every post you publish.... I live for comments and though I hardly get them, it motivates me to write more when I know people are reading.
    Meg, on the other hand, only feels stress from having a comment option and therefore doesn't allow them on her blog so she KNOWS she's writing solely for herself... but, I'm not like that. VALIDATE ME WITH YOUR COMMENTS!! :)
    I enjoy your thoughts and photo updates so I for one hope you write more often than less. I'll be watching for your updates eagerly.