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Fell asleep mid-toy grab

These two melt my heart.
Nobody can get Henry laughing better than his buddy Will.

Who couldn't love this baby!!!

Hi y'all,

I know I have been slacking lately. I'd like to say that it's because I'm swamped to the moon with this baby thing, but that just wouldn't be fair to Henry - 'cause he's easy. I'm pretty well convinced that I got the most easy-going baby possible. He wakes up at nine with a giant smile on his face - which he basically keeps up throughout the entire day. He takes catnaps during the day, which would bother me if he didn't go down at night...But every night at 9pm, I lay him in his bed and after 2-4 minutes of fussy whining, he zonks out - for 12 hours. Sure, he totally wears me out all day, consistently demanding my full attention be on him. Generously providing me with a seemingly infinite number of opportunities for diaper changing, feeding, holding, playing, bathing, wiping, soothing, snuggling, washing, watching, rocking, singing, & smiling - but all of it is manageable after a night of uninterrupted sleep (the fact that he's so cute probably helps as well). I use to think I wanted 6 kids - but I told Brett the other day that I'm scared to have more kids because I fear that my next one will be a hellion... Just to even the score.

My life has been pretty uneventful of late, but here are some of the "high"lights:

-I am redecorating my living room - and I am very excited about it.
-I am designing a photo wall collage for our heretofore mentioned redecorated living room
-I have spent way too much time organizing and re-organizing my photo frames 1,000 different ways...And I still can't get it just right.
-I am obsessed with the color palate of my new living room. Everywhere I go I find something that I feel could be somehow incorporated into my design, simply because it bears the right hue.
-I will post pics in 38 years, when I finally complete the photo wall & finish the room.
-Henry rolled over last Sunday - He probably could have earlier, but I always forget to do tummy time. #lamemom
-My little sister gets married in less than a month!
-I'm also obsessed with her wedding colors.
-I FINALLY wiggled my way into my pre-pregnancy jeans. They don't fit like they once did, but hey - they're ON.
-I find that even though I am almost back to my pre-baby weight... It's TOTALLY distributed differently. I don't so much care for that.
-I am carb-free, and therefore, ornery.
-In case you didn't know...Everything good in the entire world has carbs in it.
-I miss mashed potatoes
-I love SYTYCD - it's the highlight of Brett & I's week (is that sad?)
-I unintentionally talk like a baby to adults on a regular basis.
-Will beat me at "Go Spidey" (Spiderman "Go Fish") 3 out of 3 games today, and I didn't even let him win.
-We went to the Circus Gatti on Tuesday. I''m just medium about the Circus (not sure why) It turned out to be a really fun family outing, and watching will get excited makes it totally worth it.
-Everything is more fun with excited little kids by your side.
-August is going to be a month of vacations and driving. Utah, then Coeur d'Alene, then Lake Chelan. Here come the Griswolds!
-I made freezer jam with my MIL & SIL's. It's the best jam ever. And not carb-free.
-I made a Google+ account. I loaded a picture of myself 6 days ago... that's pretty much it.
-Will & I are looking to be successful gardeners this season. Our flowers are beginning to bloom!
-It would certainly be discouraging if they didn't bloom, as I purchased "Guaranteed to Grow" flowers that prefer shade & moisture - Which we pretty much have every day here in WA.
-I want a Kindle.
-Henry talks gibberish all day long. It used to be really cute...Now it's evolved into this constant high pitched screech. Like a bird being tortured. It's not extremely pleasant, but ok...still a little bit cute.
-I've been doing AbRipper every day (almost every day) (most days) (often).
-Laundry is my least favorite thing to do. I love clean clothes. I hate folding them.
-But I'll tell you this about my dreaded chore...though they are rare, every once & a while I have the good kind of laundry day. The kind of laundry day where my domestic goddess emerges & I successfully complete ALL the laundry steps (washing, drying, folding & putting away) in the same day - I like these days. I feel GOOD. Productive. Unstoppable. (Such an exciting life I lead) On domestic goddess (DG) laundry days I find myself making comments to my family members like "Hey, was it hard for you to choose a pair of socks with so many choices before you?" or "Wanna smell your sheets? I'll come with you, lets go smell your sheets" or "Oh man, I can barely shut this drawer because it's so jam-packed with freshly washed shirts". My family (knowing the joy I get from having a very productive day) always lovingly humor me... I appreciate that.
-Yesterday was one of these DG days. So, yeah... I'm feeling pretty good. Fresh towel, anyone?

I'm tired of typing.


  1. Love reading your post! Life is good!

  1. Lisa, I can't even handle you. I was laughing so hard I was crying halfway through reading this post, so much that I had to stop and dry my eyes.

    Yes, when I need a break from my seven and a half million GroopDealz orders, I do come to read your blog for a good laugh.