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Henry & I went to Utah last week. My beautiful little sister, Katie, is getting married in August & I was named "Maid-of-Honor"... So I threw her a Bridal Shower. They are the most good looking couple I have ever seen, and I am so excited for them to reproduce & have freakin' gorgeous babies - but I guess i'll let them focus on the wedding first. It was a great time with my family, even my sister Christie came, it was so much fun having all of us together. Even though I have a wonderful baby, who smiles non-stop & is rarely fussy, I still am not a fan of traveling by plane with an infant. I especially hate airport security. I hate that I have to wake my sleeping baby, take him out of his carseat, take the car seat off the stroller, fold up the stroller (while holding a very chubby baby, mind you) remove both my shoes, and his shoes (really? You think I can hide something in those teeny little shoes?), put the stroller & carseat on the conveyor belt, along with the rest of my personal items & walk through the scanner... Only to have to reassemble everything once I get through, put junior back in his carseat, and hope he falls back asleep for the duration of the airport wait time, due to a DELAYED flight. But anyway... moving right along... Utah was really fun. Henry was totally spoiled by his grandparents & aunts & great grandmas & friends & of course, his first cousin - once removed (hehe). My step-sister, Katie gifted Henry some BABY TOMS. How adorable is that? I can't wait for him to fit into them. As a result of the spoiling - when we returned home, my baby would not let me put him down - He was used to being held all day, every day - passed around & played with non-stop. It took us a day to ease back into life at home, but it was worth it... Henry LOVES his Utah peeps, and so do I. Here are a boatload of pics from the trip.

Happy boy swinging with G-ma & Aunt Christie


Me with my little man

Henry & Auntie Katie (Bride-to-Be)


Sara aka the baby whisperer (Henry fell asleep in her arms every time she held him)

My cousin Amanda & her "Lil' Mac"

The future Mr & Mrs. Locke. Love these guys!

Miss you Ang :(

My not-so-little-anymore sisters. Aren't they gorgeous?

Love you Brooky! Wish you lived by me :(

Henry, Johnny & Charlotte. The 3 most adorable babies in the world.

Henry loves his Grandma

Henry got to spend a whole day, without mommy, with his Grandpa Steve & Grandma Donna, he sure is loved!

That's all there is...there isn't anymore.


  1. I could say the same for you doll! I have missed your posts! Dont stay away so long. Eat a no-bake for me!

  1. Lis,
    I loved all the pictures, and am glad you had a nice trip. So crazy to see Katie and Sara! wow. Will you be in Utah for Katie's wedding in August?