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This is Shaun, my  "Possum", as Dame Edna created for us. Shaun is one of my very best friends in the world. Shaun, because I know you read my blog, I want you to know that I love you! You were one of my biggest supports in the hardest time of my life, and I will always be there for you :) Thank you for being you!

Shaun, Steven & Page traveled the long journey from Spokane to Seattle this weekend for Pride & they stayed with Shauna & I. On Saturday: Our guests + Brett, Will, Shauna & I headed to Seattle to play a bit. We walked a little & sat a lot... My kind of tourists :)

Saturday night we went out on the town. ME, out on the town. ME, out past nine... :) Besides the constant whines from a blister-footed Lisa, Shauna-hungry fella's, scorching hot curb-side hot-dogs & a minor banking mishap ... We had a GREAT time!

Thanks for a great weekend to both old (but wonderful) & new friends :)


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So since the tragic bicycle fiasco of 2008 my passenger side window has been covered with heavy duty plastic & duct tape, very glamorous. It held up quite well, I must say. And my driver side window mysteriously stopped working a few months later. Because my car is not equipped with AC, it is horrible to ride in when it is hot outside, for I did not have the luxury of even rolling a window down for some air.

But yesterday Brent (B's Dad) was kind enough to pick up the parts necessary to fix both windows, & he and B did so. It was much appreciated! What wonderful men they are to provide me with this instant AC, as I like to think of it. I am one happy driver....

Stay back intoxicated, underage bicyclists...Don't test me.

Over & out.


This was my attempt at Bakerella's Cupcake Pops. I had fun making them, and I think B had fun eating them... Or else he is just sweet, and told me they were good... Either one I can live with :)


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Happy Father's Day to my Dad :) 

I was lucky enough to see him 2 weeks ago and celebrate with him... I love my Dad, I have always been a Daddy's girl, and I'm proud of that! I miss you Dad! Thanks for all you do.

This is my lovely mother. She came to visit last week, which was much-needed for me! We had fun together. 

On Saturday we drove to Mukilteo to visit my aunt & my cousin, whom I have not seen for close to 9 years or so. It was really fun to reconnect with them and catch up.

Afterwards we went to dinner with B & Will at OddFellows, and back home for a little Rockband. As this picture was taken, Will was shouting "I'm ready to ROCK!" We chose not to tell him that his guitar didn't actually work... he did "Rock It" nonetheless. 
On Sunday Morning I headed to B's early before church to help Will get his Father's Day gift ready to give his Daddy. Together we framed some pictures of them together, along with a drawing, and Will's mom also got an adorable book for Will to draw a picture of him & his Dad in. Will was so excited to reveal the gifts that he had proudly made for his Dad. And B was very touched :)
After church on Sunday, I headed to the Hodson's early to assemble the fun dessert from the amazing Bakerella that I wanted to make for the Fathers Day dinner. Brenda offered to help me which was necessary to them ever being possible! Thanks Brenda! We had fun making them, they turned out SO cute, and I think they were a hit. (We like to think the ketchup is actually Fry Sauce, as we couldn't get the red rich enough :)


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Brett took off on his motorcycle tonight, and Will & I stayed back and rode our bikes. 

Well, actually... HE rode his bike... I was wearing a skirt, so I refrained from any unladylike behavior, and instead just sat watching him... 

...and admiring the way my toe ring matched my nail polish totally by accident. Nice.
Will decided he wanted to play with sidewalk chalk (yes! my favorite) 

His reasoning was this: "I am not very good at drawing circles, they are super-duper hard... So I better draw lots of them" 

Practice makes perfect, right? Smart kid. 

Will found the neighbors cat...And let me know what a "nice kitty" she was. The cat kept following him around (as I would if someone were rubbing my back like he was) 

Will began drawing circles around the cat, saying "If I draw a circle, he'll know right where he goes". This was no small feat...just as the circle was being drawn, the cat would move on to a new spot. I tried hard to hold back laughter as Will chased the mobile cat all around the parking lot, determined to give the cat as many circles as was necessary. :)

After 5-10 circles, Will grew annoyed that the cat did not appreciate his efforts in circle-drawing, and moved on to circling things a bit more immovable. :)

My favorite part of the evening was once he was all done circling those that required circling I told him I thought his circles looked great, and will be great reminders of where our cars go. And he replied, and I quote "Just doing my job" as he brushed the chalk from his hands :)


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...I need to get back on my diet. Pronto. 

Ready, GO.


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Today I am very happy because I am going to Denver. My sister & her husband live there & my mom and two little sisters will be heading up there also for a genealogy conference that my mom is scheduled to speak at this weekend...SO we decided to make a trip out of it. I am so excited :) My dad also works in Denver so I will get to see him also. I have been missing my family a lot lately. I love living here, and to honest, I don't see myself moving back to Utah in the future... But I do feel sad that my parents and sisters are so far from me. :(


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So... Those of you who know me even somewhat, probably know that my favorite tv show is Seinfeld. I have it memorized. Every episode, every line. You simply can not stump me. So, on Sunday I was displeased to see B pull out of nowhere, a perfect Kramer hand move, while his family told me he has great "Kramer Moves"! Why is this the first I have heard of these "moves"? I then insisted to see more...We made him do a Kramer entrance. But the floor was slippery, so while doing so he fell and hurt his wrist :( ...I think it was punishment for not sharing the above information with me :)


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My new purse... I love Target :)

Marymoor Park, enjoying the sunshine & Dairy Queen treats :)

 On Friday night B & Will went to the Father/Son camp-out (so cute!) So Angie and I decided to plan a girls night out! We decided to go downtown Seattle to Gameworks for arcade games, which was a blast...Angie won me this stuffed turtle:) ...That lasted from about 5:30 until seven... We then decided we were tired and proceeded to head back to Redmond, stop at FatBurger and then home where we spent the rest of our "Girls Night Out"...IN watching MEDIUM (My favorite!) 

Angie's mom came into town and we all went to dinner at Desert Fire, it was SO yummy!


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Swimming at our pool.

Brett & Will looking for pollywogs in the Hodsons pond.

Our little Angie... Because you can never be too safe riding in the car.
Roaming around at the Edmonds Marine Festival.
Me and my new yacht.... What? It could happen... 

Angie having what appears to be a nervous breakdown.
Me & my B goin' out to dinner:)
And us, yet again, on our way to church.