at Thursday, June 25, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

So since the tragic bicycle fiasco of 2008 my passenger side window has been covered with heavy duty plastic & duct tape, very glamorous. It held up quite well, I must say. And my driver side window mysteriously stopped working a few months later. Because my car is not equipped with AC, it is horrible to ride in when it is hot outside, for I did not have the luxury of even rolling a window down for some air.

But yesterday Brent (B's Dad) was kind enough to pick up the parts necessary to fix both windows, & he and B did so. It was much appreciated! What wonderful men they are to provide me with this instant AC, as I like to think of it. I am one happy driver....

Stay back intoxicated, underage bicyclists...Don't test me.

Over & out.


  1. So nice to have handy men around! I'm glad you aren't going to die of heat exhaustion in your car anymore. :)