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I forgot to post about my new bike! I just got this last week. I love it :) I have been riding it just to and from Brett's, and to the store and whatnot. I didn't realize how incredibly out of shape I am until I went up a teeeeeny hill on a cruiser bike, huffing and puffing all the way. I hope riding it more often will help me out in that area... So long as this Seattle weather cooperates!

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This is my 1/2 consumed 12 oz. Diet Coke I have had on my desk for 3 hours and 43 minutes today. I am totally really quitting! I only had one yesterday also. "I think I can, I think I can....":)


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a random list: 

a few things that...

... I dislike, but usually claim otherwise ...

I pretend to be well-informed (and I should be better, i know) 
But honestly,  I tune out when I hear 2 people dive into a political debate... they annoy me. 
I am not an argumentative person at all & do not enjoy confrontation. 
So, I do vote!... Just a bit quieter ;)

I'm sorry cat people. But in my defense...
I've always felt like cats can tell what I am thinking. 
I find them a bit stuck-up & judgmental, may sound crazy, but I do.
It's not that I hate it, I just don't love it. Am I the only one?!
 I have lied on occasion, you know, to fit in..."Sushi? of COURSE I love Sushi, who doesn't?"
I had no choice, I just wanted to fit in to this sushi trend, with all it's glamour. 
I'd keep hearing in my head..."C'mon Lisa, c'mon, everybody's doin' it!"... 
But alas I just can't. Sorry self. Maybe next trend.

... I like, but will not always admit to...

I admit, there was a time in which I snickered at "crockers".
...but that was before i slipped on my first pair
I love my crocs! 

the snuggie. 
this guy looks like I did all day Thursday.
...snug as a bug in a rug :)
 yes... i like bologna, and i am not ashamed 
(ok, a little ashamed.)
i spent $60 at Ben Frankin on Saturday (gulp)

...befiddle & somewhat annoy me ...

tevas + sweatsocks.
  wind chimes. 
if people enjoy the soothing chime chime CHIME ...
i think perhaps they should take them inside their home, next to a portable fan. 
                          children on leashes.  
       i don't think i need to elaborate.


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See! :( Erin, you will forever be better than I.

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On Saturday, Brett needed to work on his jeep at his parents. After I was done running around to what seemed like, or actually was, 15 stores looking for all the ingredients necessary to make the Easter Cake Pops on Sunday, I headed to the Hodsons home also. 

Will & I were scootering (is that a word?) on the driveway when Will said "Lisa, let's go exploring". Having had been quite an imaginative child (And evidently having had way too much free time), I used to pretend the old wooden gate leading into our huge  backyard was the entrance to the secret garden, and would spend hours there "exploring" Ha ha ;) I remember one time popping the screen out of my bedroom window, picking all of my moms flowers and laying the petals on the screen... Then dousing them with my mom's best perfume, claiming I was making her some home-made potpourri:)) 

Anway... I was excited to see just what Will's little mind would come up with....So I let him lead the way, and off we went. Will continuously sang "Follow the tracks, follow me. Follow the tracks...What we see?" Which I found quite clever :) Every few moments he would say, "Stop!, A clue!, take a picture of me pointing at it" Feeling much like I was is an episode of Blues Clues, I did as instructed. I still am a bit confused as to what the clues mean, and what the mystery was in general... But it was fun to see his little mind trying to sort it all out :)

Clue #1: this slug. (When we saw this he said "I really want to touch it, but I know I can't")

Clue #2: a mysterious footprint.

Clue #3: A stick (He said this was for digging a hole & that if we dig a hole, animals will come... :)

Clue #4: A pile of logs.

Whatever the mystery was... I hope we solved it :)


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This blog post is dedicated to my sweet sister Katie. She was supposed to drive here to Washington and spend Easter with me... But we both decided (which means mom decided:) ) it was too long a drive for her to make alone. 

I miss you Katers :( (You too Sare Bear)!

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Angie & I ran some errands & went to Red Robin last night. I love having her here! 

Will (Brett's son) has really been wanting to meet the Red Robin, ever since we went there last week & he saw pictures of him, but no bird was to be found. But, as Angie & I were eating last night, out came the bird... so we got a picture with him for lil' Will. 

This second just cracks me up, Ang was so excited to have her picture taken with him, as you can tell ...I had to crop me out :)


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So here is what my hair looks like now... And how it has looked for the past 5 or 6 years of my life. I think I am ready for a change. I want bangs. I posted some pictures of hairstyles w/ bangs that I like. I need opinions! Yes or no?

I like the layers in this one...

This is about the length my hair is now...


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Brett and I went to North Bend last night after I got off work so he could take his jeep off road. I took some pictures on my phone. 
The road was closed. It had "Crime Scene, Do NOT Enter" tape on it. We took our chances. We figured that if we came across a dead body, we would have a pretty cool story to tell.
This was supposed to be the before-the-jeep-is-covered-in-mud picture ... But the pot holes were just full of water, not mud...So unfortunately the jeep looked exactly like this, if not cleaner, after we were done. Brett was sad. :(
Some Kayakers who also took thier chances past the Crime Scene tape. And on foot too... risky.

So pretty!!!

This picture below is my favorite one! It reminds me of the scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when Snow White is running through the  forest & the trees are "grabbing" her. ( I am not a Disney fanatic, I swear, I just watched it the other day with Will... So it is fresh in my brain :)

Brett thought we had damaged something... But we didn't. (Phew, because I had to pee so bad and would have hated to have to wait to fix a tire!)
And then, all of a sudden, the road looked like this....I think this is about when my headache started :)

I love beautiful Washington :)


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As the fight to stop drinking Diet Coke continues, A new idea emerges...Drink water. Hmmm, water, ok... let's give it a shot. :)
The boss purchased this (above) new, super cute, water fountain to encourage more water consumption. We are allowed one Diet Coke, then cannot have a second one until the water fountain is empty. I find that I just like using the little water spout, so I don't even notice I'm drinking more water. I realize I sound like a small child, having to make drinking more water "fun" to distract me, but hey, if it works, it works.
Don't I look refreshed? Ahhhh.