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Brett and I went to North Bend last night after I got off work so he could take his jeep off road. I took some pictures on my phone. 
The road was closed. It had "Crime Scene, Do NOT Enter" tape on it. We took our chances. We figured that if we came across a dead body, we would have a pretty cool story to tell.
This was supposed to be the before-the-jeep-is-covered-in-mud picture ... But the pot holes were just full of water, not mud...So unfortunately the jeep looked exactly like this, if not cleaner, after we were done. Brett was sad. :(
Some Kayakers who also took thier chances past the Crime Scene tape. And on foot too... risky.

So pretty!!!

This picture below is my favorite one! It reminds me of the scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when Snow White is running through the  forest & the trees are "grabbing" her. ( I am not a Disney fanatic, I swear, I just watched it the other day with Will... So it is fresh in my brain :)

Brett thought we had damaged something... But we didn't. (Phew, because I had to pee so bad and would have hated to have to wait to fix a tire!)
And then, all of a sudden, the road looked like this....I think this is about when my headache started :)

I love beautiful Washington :)


  1. wow, those are some gorgeous photos- even of the scary-Snow-White-grabbin trees. I'll have to put this on my "list of places to visit someday"- where is it exactly again?

  1. North Bend, WA. About 30 minutes from Seattle. When that day comes that you make your way here, you give me a call and we'll see it together! :)