at Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Labels: Posted by Lisa Best

As the fight to stop drinking Diet Coke continues, A new idea emerges...Drink water. Hmmm, water, ok... let's give it a shot. :)
The boss purchased this (above) new, super cute, water fountain to encourage more water consumption. We are allowed one Diet Coke, then cannot have a second one until the water fountain is empty. I find that I just like using the little water spout, so I don't even notice I'm drinking more water. I realize I sound like a small child, having to make drinking more water "fun" to distract me, but hey, if it works, it works.
Don't I look refreshed? Ahhhh. 


  1. Oh.. You are so cute! I sure miss you. I am doing great... How are you? Are you living in washington? thats what your blog says.. I didnt know that you moved. BAD LISA

  1. awe my mom is so cute!!! and you two are crazy... has anyone heard of bottled water?! ha i love you loop

  1. Dont you tell your mother that she is on my blog...You know how she gets!!!! :)

  1. I hear that water is the next best thing to Diet Coke!!!!----Mom

  1. Ha ha, oh mother :)

  1. I would so drink more water if it came out of something cute too!! You're not along Lisa!! haha