at Monday, March 30, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

I had a nice weekend :) It was quite uneventful, but I think that is what made it so pleasant. Brett & I had fun just spending time with each other, hanging out. As you can see above, I am doing  a thumbs-up at being fully dressed, with make-up on, out running errands at 9:00 on a Saturday morning. Lisa, how far you have come ;) (Unfortunately I ended up sleeping in until 10 on Sunday, but still made church on time, so no problem). 
Brett worked on his beloved Jeep for a chunk of Saturday, so I watched 2 hours of Design on a Dime. The only problem in doing so is that I can't just watch design shows... I find myself looking around the room I am in and trying to "design" myself. I just get pumped up when I see someone making a room like-new in under $34.50, or whatever...:) So by the time Brett came inside I had found, put away & organized all his movies, electrical books, shoes, coats & toys , dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the living room, dining room & kitchen. ...Mom, I know what you are thinking and I don't know what came over me either :)

On Saturday night, Brett took me to Seattle to eat at The Met :) It was a fun date and yummy steak! Brett was quite proud of the part when he maneuvered out of the tight spot we had parallel parked in. It was quite amazing, I'll agree.

The yummy breakfast that was waiting for me when I got to Bretts house on Sunday morning before church:) After church we went to Bretts parents house, as we do every Sunday for dinner & FHE. I always enjoy going, and I even taught the lesson. (Well, ok, I just rambled on for 10 minutes ;)
This is my attempt at picture-taking with my iPhone. I can take a picture of other things...But for some reason, I have the hardest time holding my hand steady and taking the picture when I am not looking at the screen. Oh well...At least you can't see the big zit on my forehead with this fuzzy shot ;) Perhaps I did it on purpose...   (And Brett wasn't in the mood for picture-taking, can you tell?)

Anyway... It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I love my life, a little more each day :)


  1. Lisa! I am so glad you found my blog. Where are you these days and what are you up to?

  1. thank you so much! You totally made my day! Your so sweet!

  1. yeah we did paint them. It was not hard at all. You just paint the room one of the colors and then tape off stripes and paint them the other color. Your so sweet:) Thanks again!

  1. It is so good to hear from you! What are you up to now? You live in Washington? I hope you are well and happy!