at Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

On Saturday, Brett needed to work on his jeep at his parents. After I was done running around to what seemed like, or actually was, 15 stores looking for all the ingredients necessary to make the Easter Cake Pops on Sunday, I headed to the Hodsons home also. 

Will & I were scootering (is that a word?) on the driveway when Will said "Lisa, let's go exploring". Having had been quite an imaginative child (And evidently having had way too much free time), I used to pretend the old wooden gate leading into our huge  backyard was the entrance to the secret garden, and would spend hours there "exploring" Ha ha ;) I remember one time popping the screen out of my bedroom window, picking all of my moms flowers and laying the petals on the screen... Then dousing them with my mom's best perfume, claiming I was making her some home-made potpourri:)) 

Anway... I was excited to see just what Will's little mind would come up with....So I let him lead the way, and off we went. Will continuously sang "Follow the tracks, follow me. Follow the tracks...What we see?" Which I found quite clever :) Every few moments he would say, "Stop!, A clue!, take a picture of me pointing at it" Feeling much like I was is an episode of Blues Clues, I did as instructed. I still am a bit confused as to what the clues mean, and what the mystery was in general... But it was fun to see his little mind trying to sort it all out :)

Clue #1: this slug. (When we saw this he said "I really want to touch it, but I know I can't")

Clue #2: a mysterious footprint.

Clue #3: A stick (He said this was for digging a hole & that if we dig a hole, animals will come... :)

Clue #4: A pile of logs.

Whatever the mystery was... I hope we solved it :)


  1. this post is adorable! i miss those days when adventures and exploring were the only thing on my TO DO list!
    so are you going to post pics of those cupcake pops you went to fifteen stores to find?

  1. Oh what a cute post!! That looks like so much fun! :)
    Oh and aren't the baby pictures so ugly! haha. we are going to have some hot babies! lol.

  1. Erin me too! Those were the days! And I promise I'll post my pitiful pics!

    Natalie haha seriously! I wish I never went to that website!