at Wednesday, April 08, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

This blog post is dedicated to my sweet sister Katie. She was supposed to drive here to Washington and spend Easter with me... But we both decided (which means mom decided:) ) it was too long a drive for her to make alone. 

I miss you Katers :( (You too Sare Bear)!


  1. they are super easy! go to http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2009/03/easter-cake-pops-part-two.html
    this site! She has the most adorable ideas!! hers are like a million times better then mine!! if you do make them take pictures i want to see them!

  1. Thanks! I saw the site on your blog post right after I commented ;) I am totally making these! I love the sheep that are on her page! Super cute! And actually, I think yours are even cuter! I printed out the picture of yours to model! I will definitely post pics. Thanks for the idea!

  1. Oh hey... I was wondering...Do you think you could just use donut holes?

  1. cute cute blog lisa! i'm glad you left me a comment!! and thanks so much for the sleeping advice..i'm going to try it.

    thanks lady!!

  1. i doubt they sucked!! post some pictures!! i made the egg ones for easter i will have to post those pis soon. i bet donut holes would work. all you would have to do it put a stick in them and freeze em then dip.