at Friday, April 17, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

a random list: 

a few things that...

... I dislike, but usually claim otherwise ...

I pretend to be well-informed (and I should be better, i know) 
But honestly,  I tune out when I hear 2 people dive into a political debate... they annoy me. 
I am not an argumentative person at all & do not enjoy confrontation. 
So, I do vote!... Just a bit quieter ;)

I'm sorry cat people. But in my defense...
I've always felt like cats can tell what I am thinking. 
I find them a bit stuck-up & judgmental, may sound crazy, but I do.
It's not that I hate it, I just don't love it. Am I the only one?!
 I have lied on occasion, you know, to fit in..."Sushi? of COURSE I love Sushi, who doesn't?"
I had no choice, I just wanted to fit in to this sushi trend, with all it's glamour. 
I'd keep hearing in my head..."C'mon Lisa, c'mon, everybody's doin' it!"... 
But alas I just can't. Sorry self. Maybe next trend.

... I like, but will not always admit to...

I admit, there was a time in which I snickered at "crockers".
...but that was before i slipped on my first pair
I love my crocs! 

the snuggie. 
this guy looks like I did all day Thursday.
...snug as a bug in a rug :)
 yes... i like bologna, and i am not ashamed 
(ok, a little ashamed.)
i spent $60 at Ben Frankin on Saturday (gulp)

...befiddle & somewhat annoy me ...

tevas + sweatsocks.
  wind chimes. 
if people enjoy the soothing chime chime CHIME ...
i think perhaps they should take them inside their home, next to a portable fan. 
                          children on leashes.  
       i don't think i need to elaborate.


  1. haha Lisa you just made my day :) I am a little sad about the sushi, but I can only handle a few types myself!!

    The children on leashes: I feel so bad for them!

  1. We might be the same person!! I feel the same way about all those things!

  1. Cats are creepy. Sushi is ehhhhh--not my first pick, ever. Snuggies are hot. Socks and tevas--confession: I think I wore them that way in jr high--it seemed "cool", not so now. And you know how old I am so it's not like it was in the past 10 years. Leashes for kids??? What are parents thinking!?!?! They are not animals.

  1. Sarah: I knew I always liked you!!! :)

    Britanny: If it hasn't happened in the past 10 years... I'm okay with it ;) Plus, you were probably the exception. It can look cool.:)