at Thursday, March 05, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Ok... So I said I would catch y'all up with my life, and what did I give you but a brief description of my Christmas festivities?! Not that they were not wonderful... But it's time to move on to 2009, it's March, after all. I must admit, I could have done without most of 2008 (lets throw 2007 in the mix also) But I suppose we learn from our wonderful experiences (and our excruciatingly horrible ones :) ) 

I still love it here in WA, and can't imagine myself being anywhere else right now. It has been an uneventful past few months but I have loved every moment! I look forward to what the future holds for me. Moving up here, after a crazy 4(ish) years, was the best thing I could have done for myself... However, going BACK to school needs to happen at some point. I can't seem  make that leap. Ugh. Can I buy an education online? No? Seems I can buy everything else online...I'm looking into it, some kind of educational implant or pill... Hopefully they offer financing options. :) 

Those who know me, know that I have been driving the same little "teal" Honda Civic for the past seven years. But what you may not know is that not only is that poor, humble little vehicle lacking it's usual things (i.e. radio, air conditioning, hubcaps, cigarette lighter, etc..., etc..., etc...) but he now has completely lost his passenger side window. (deep breath...sniff, sniff) A couple months ago, an intoxicated bicyclist (yes, I said BICYCLIST, not MOTORCYCLIST) hit a curb, flying head first into the window, shattering it, obviously, all over yours truly. Brett said he was able to find a cheap window, so the car can regain its dignity somewhat. Not that he hasn't MUCH appreciated the wonderful temporary window Brent (Brett's father) made to shield me from WA wonderful rain :)

My reaction to this event? Shock mixed with a wtf?, then tears, and now laughter... I am the first to admit that I  have done some stupid things in my lifetime, some of which my wonderful friends will not let me forget...And if this poor kid has friends like mine...He is sure to be receiving [well-earned] torture from his buddies for his little performance that will stick with him for a long time. And that, to me, is punishment enough. :)

 The moral of my story? ... If you are a teenage boy and you are under the influence of cheap beer you found in your dads tool shed, please stay off of your schwinn. Thank you -Lisa Best


  1. Hey Girlie! I am glad you updated your blog i was getting a little worried that you maybe fell off the face of the earth! i am happy you are doing well (other then the whole intoxicated biycicle incident) but those old hondas run like champs- i still drive mine from high school.
    Stay Well & Keep me Updated!