at Monday, June 22, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Happy Father's Day to my Dad :) 

I was lucky enough to see him 2 weeks ago and celebrate with him... I love my Dad, I have always been a Daddy's girl, and I'm proud of that! I miss you Dad! Thanks for all you do.

This is my lovely mother. She came to visit last week, which was much-needed for me! We had fun together. 

On Saturday we drove to Mukilteo to visit my aunt & my cousin, whom I have not seen for close to 9 years or so. It was really fun to reconnect with them and catch up.

Afterwards we went to dinner with B & Will at OddFellows, and back home for a little Rockband. As this picture was taken, Will was shouting "I'm ready to ROCK!" We chose not to tell him that his guitar didn't actually work... he did "Rock It" nonetheless. 
On Sunday Morning I headed to B's early before church to help Will get his Father's Day gift ready to give his Daddy. Together we framed some pictures of them together, along with a drawing, and Will's mom also got an adorable book for Will to draw a picture of him & his Dad in. Will was so excited to reveal the gifts that he had proudly made for his Dad. And B was very touched :)
After church on Sunday, I headed to the Hodson's early to assemble the fun dessert from the amazing Bakerella that I wanted to make for the Fathers Day dinner. Brenda offered to help me which was necessary to them ever being possible! Thanks Brenda! We had fun making them, they turned out SO cute, and I think they were a hit. (We like to think the ketchup is actually Fry Sauce, as we couldn't get the red rich enough :)


  1. ha im making this on saturday for our ward bbq!!! please say it was not murder trying to do! haha they look so good! yuo did such a good job!

  1. How many are you making? Your most time consuming part will be the printing/cutting/assembling of the paper products. To save a little time, I bought the circular mini brownies sold in the bakery part of Safeway, so if you can find those, i'd recommend them!

    Love u!

  1. Lisa you're amazing! I didn't think you'd actually follow through with making those things like you told me you would. (maybe because I know I would have given up) Good job! I'm seriously impressed.

    And I love the Rock Band picture. He loves to be cool like his daddy! I can tell they are totally rocking out! :)

  1. i am so impressed!! look at you go! wow! i am so glad you made these i was considering making them but i decided to wait until the 4th of july. you rock!

  1. The dessert was freakin' amazing...that's all.

  1. love the faux fries - too cute!

  1. Those cupcakes are amazing. I am completely impressed with your skills :)

  1. Love the cupcakes! I saw them on Bakerella and want to try making them some day. Somebody suggested adding a little violet to the "ketchup" to get a rich red.