at Friday, June 19, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Brett took off on his motorcycle tonight, and Will & I stayed back and rode our bikes. 

Well, actually... HE rode his bike... I was wearing a skirt, so I refrained from any unladylike behavior, and instead just sat watching him... 

...and admiring the way my toe ring matched my nail polish totally by accident. Nice.
Will decided he wanted to play with sidewalk chalk (yes! my favorite) 

His reasoning was this: "I am not very good at drawing circles, they are super-duper hard... So I better draw lots of them" 

Practice makes perfect, right? Smart kid. 

Will found the neighbors cat...And let me know what a "nice kitty" she was. The cat kept following him around (as I would if someone were rubbing my back like he was) 

Will began drawing circles around the cat, saying "If I draw a circle, he'll know right where he goes". This was no small feat...just as the circle was being drawn, the cat would move on to a new spot. I tried hard to hold back laughter as Will chased the mobile cat all around the parking lot, determined to give the cat as many circles as was necessary. :)

After 5-10 circles, Will grew annoyed that the cat did not appreciate his efforts in circle-drawing, and moved on to circling things a bit more immovable. :)

My favorite part of the evening was once he was all done circling those that required circling I told him I thought his circles looked great, and will be great reminders of where our cars go. And he replied, and I quote "Just doing my job" as he brushed the chalk from his hands :)


  1. what a cute post!! will is adorable!

  1. ha ha. This actually made me laugh out loud. I like the action shot one of will chasing the cat. He's so funny. Gotta love that kid!

  1. What a cute little boy!

  1. oh my! that kid is ADORABLE!!!