at Monday, November 19, 2012 Posted by Lisa

Dear Blog,

     Last post was August 22nd... So much for the effort I was going to put forth. Oh well. Who cares, I don't know why I feel guilty about not keeping up to date. Anyone who knows me knows that I obsessively post my every move, thought and emotion to Facebook... So there really isn't much chance you'll miss any of the excitement that is my life, even if you want to.
     Another big reason why I don't update here often, or ever, is because I keep private journal blogs of the kids (since I'm too lazy to keep up the scrapbooks I once used to document our lives). But I suppose in an effort to keep from neglecting my blogging, and forcing my self to document life in it's entirety today, I'll just chuck everything at one blog. here. Which, of course, means that you get to hear all about my kids and their every move, every funny thing said, every milestone, and every gushy thing I have to say. (Including the venting) Cause I like my kids, And who am I kidding? I have very little to say regarding other topics at this point in time. My life is basically my kids, mixed with the occasional spontaneous moments in which something happens & they are not involved... But I can't recall any of those at this current time.