at Thursday, September 17, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Here I am back in 1992.And '76.... Crazy year, man.
A cleaner-cut me in '74
A short Disco-period in 1970
Way back in 1960... Those were the days.
Tee hee... I love YearbookYourself.com

And I have way too much free time...

So long friends.


  1. lol, you're funny

  1. 1974 was definitely your year!

  1. Lisa..I am just like you when it comes to "adventures" and "new things" It's a good thing.

  1. Hey Lisha! Its Tarah! I found your blog and was so excited. What have you been up to. I would love to catch up. My email is bennett.sarahlynn@hotmail.com. Oh and check out my blog - its really new so It is pretty boring but yeah.. is simplymyolive.blogspot.com

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