at Thursday, October 08, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Brett's sister-in-law, Shannon, posted on her Facebook to "watch her friend Stephanie on OPRAH", a Mommy Blogger, telling her story of surviving a plane crash a little over a year ago. Knowing nothing of Stephanie (Nie), her family, or her blog, I went to her page... I spent at least the next 3 hours reading through teary-eyes - entries both pre-crash and post-crash. The unconditional love Nie and her husband share is incredible. What an amazing, inspirational woman...A devoted mother & wife, with such strength. And an undeniable, unwavering faith in -and understanding of- Gods Eternal plan. I am so touched.



  1. my friend becca had it on her blog and i did the same thing!!!
    they are amazing!!!

  1. her story truly is inspiring. i can't even count how many times i have cried my eyes out sitting at work while reading her posts. she is an amazingly strong woman!