at Monday, October 26, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

I am going to be a better blogger, I swear. You will see... One day you will log on and I will have 15 posts up, documenting in detail all the many things I have been doing lately. Really. Just not today. But I will give a brief update:

1. Happy Birthday to my sister Sara! The most independent & original 16 year old I know. Sara, you continue to fascinate me. Each time I see you, I learn of another talent you have. From theater to photography, to who knows what...You do your own thing. I'm glad to be a part of it :) And proud of you!

2. I love this girl (and her fella) and her shower was delightful. And the wedding will be wonderful. And I am so excited for her :)
2. Thriller was awesome! Best birthday present ever to get to go with my heee-larious sister, Katie. The only person in the world that shares my weird humor. The sole person I know I can look at when I snort out a laugh only to find her doing the same. Because she sees humor where I see humor... And it's subtle... Like noticing among the hundreds of people in the theatre...a gal breaking down during the finale Thriller dance because it was "just too painful to watch" with the recent passing of Michael Jackson. Thanks Katie, for "getting" me. For being that person who I know will find those subtle, funny things going on in a quiet, inappropriate, or seemingly unfunny situation... For having a laugh that is so contagious that thinking about something 4 weeks later can have me rolling on the ground, peeing my pants. And for taking me to Thriller.

4. I have lost 12 pounds. I am proud to say, I currently do not have to do the make-my-jeans-fit-squat with any pair of my jeans. You ladies know the squat I mean? It's not pretty. Who knew that eating healthy and working out would have this effect? What a concept. If I had only known :) Onward.


  1. oh I know that jean stretch very well!

  1. love you loop! :)
    you're the best bridal shower planner!!!!!