at Friday, July 31, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

2 days ago in the car I had the following conversation with Will, Brett's 3 year old son:

Me to Brett: "Ugh, why did I wear this outfit. I look like a big beached whale, or a rhino."

Will to me: "Wisa, you don't look as big as a whale."

Me to Will: "Thanks, Will. How about a rhino?"

Will to me: "Just a baby Rhino I think."

Me to Will: "Wait...so I look like a baby Rhino?"

Will to me: "No Wisa, you look like a girl, but you are as big as a baby rhino."

Me to Will: "How big is a baby rhino?"

Will to me: "They are pretty big"

Then I cried.

Then I decided I was never eating again.

Then I forgot, and ate a burger.


  1. A ha ha. Kids can be so brutally honest, although you are not as big as a baby rhino, Wisa ;)

  1. I looked it up, and apparently a baby rhino is about 100 lbs at birth....But gains about 30 lbs every week after they are born. So I'm just gonna hope he meant a newborn :) ha ha ha

  1. Wow I am sorry but that is hilarious. Don't fret because they look pretty small. See http://www.tomtischler.com/images/ChildonBabyRhino.jpg

  1. Ha ha ha ha, thanks Lucy :) That is a weird pic :)

  1. LOL! I love these stories. (not you feeling fat, just my silly kid.) And no way lisa, you dont look as big as a rhino. :)