at Tuesday, August 04, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Last night, B & I were running errands. On the way out of his neighborhood we spotted three little ones, waving their arms fiercely. "Stop here!" I was immediately whisked back to my childhood. I sold everything on my moms street corner: Lemonade, Kool Aid, Otter Pops, Leaves, Boondoggle creations, Potpourri (aka my moms best flowers + my moms best perfume + the screen from my bedroom window as a drying mat = GROUNDED) Anyway, you get the idea... I sold stuff. And it always meant so much to me when somebody would stop and show an interest in my little "business".

We stopped.

I got out a dollar from my purse, just as a small girl, about 7 years old, approached my car, with a SNAKE! Um... What? No lemonade? Where AM I?

The small girl explained that we could pet the snake for free, but that "holding" privileges cost a quarter. I reached out and pet the small creature, all the while wishing William were there to witness this. (Will thinks I am a HUGE wimp, I knew he would not believe this without witnessing it for himself)

I then proceeded to tell the girl that instead of the quarter, I would pay her $1.00 if I didn't have to hold her little pal. She excitedly agreed. Phew!

By this time, the cutest, nerdiest little 7 year-old(ish) boy had also approached my car window. Seeing that I had just handed his small, -much braver than I- friend $1.00, he assumed I was buying 4 of the "Pet Rocks" also on display for sale.

Why this option was not disclosed to me earlier on, I know not. I chooooose option #2!

He handed me two, & B two of these hand-painted creations, still wet from being painted only moments before, and said "Each rock is our own design" He was A-DORABLE. I wanted to keep him.

He then informed us both that we were in luck because the rocks were "buy two, get a third free!" hahaha. We told him we really didn't need three each, and that he should keep them for other customers, to which he replied "Oh, yes, you are right, we should save some for other customers...We wouldn't want to run out!" Peeking around him and seeing about 20 freshly painted rocks on his table, I wasn't incredibly hopeful, and almost asked for the third ones. But my hands were already plenty blue from the paint job on my two. :)

Please stop for little ones! Please! It made their day yesterday, and mine. :)


  1. oh how i love my Potpourri partner in crime! :)

  1. Ha ha ha ha, We were so funny!

  1. oh my goodness! You are so sweet! And you're probably right, Will will not believe it. I wish he would have been there.

  1. you are so nice lisa! you totally made their day! i will stop at the next stand i see:)

  1. thanks so much for always leaving me such sweet comments, lisa! you cheered me up today! xo.