at Monday, July 20, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

So... On Friday, I was getting ready for work (at 5am, mind you) and I picked up the nearest dry towel to rub my wet hair on. I gave it a good rub down, then flipped it off to reveal a huge toothpaste mess in my hair. Sadly, this is NOT the first time this has happened. I apparently had stepped on the toothpaste tube that had fallen on the floor, squirting toothpaste into my towel, which was also thrown carelessly on the floor. Grrrr...It's tough being me, I tell you. And even tougher since my stresses are self-inflicted. But this THIS is where the story truly lets LISA shine... After the incident, I put the towel in my hamper to wash, and then re-showered. Sometime between then and last night, I did some laundry (I know Mom, I can't believe it either) and decided not to wash the towel with my clothes. BUT I didn't put it back in the hamper, I left it on the floor apparently because last night, guess which, seemingly clean towel I used to dry off my hair?

Woe is me.


    i read this aloud to my roommates!
    they love you!
    miss you loop

  1. So glad I could amuse you with my "ways" :) One simply CAN'T make this stuff up!

    I are missing you too. Come home & lets plan this wedding!

  1. lol. Oh Lisa.... this is why we love you! I'm glad you can laugh about stuff like this enough to post it. Because then the rest of us can laugh about it. :)