at Monday, July 06, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Before I get to the 4th, I will focus on the 3rd. The 3rd, was B & I's 9 month dating anniversary. I will admit... I remembered it a few days prior, but on the actual day, I forgot. But he showed up at my door with these lovely flowers and a smooch. What a lucky girl I am. I love you B :) 

Ok... Now for the 4th. We went to the Cadd's, who are family friends of the Hodson's. They have a great home on Lake Sammamish and throw a 4th of July party each year with food, boating, and an awesome fireworks show. I felt excited to be a part of it this year. 

Anyhoo... B & I made chocolate covered strawberries for the party. And I only cried once in the process... THAT is a successful baking experience. Plus, NOW I know the proper way to melt chocolate. (Thanks Brenda)
Aren't they lovely? We know.
I love him.
I love us.
Dear pre-tubing Brett,
 ... Don't do it... your back is going to hurt all day Sunday.
Love, Lisa
The musicians.
Uncle Sam.
Roxie :)
Ok... I realize this doesn't really "fit" into the 4th of July theme I have going here, but I saw this at the Hodson's last night and I immediately was taken back to childhood. We had this exact same Fisher Price set when I was growing up. With the green car and those same people. I remember I always used to use that bald dad because it looked like my own dad (Sorry Dad, when I was young I associated all bald men, even toys apparently, with you.) I sat down and played for a moment, it's true.
It was a wonderful weekend :) Bring on the week... :/


  1. The chocolate covered strawberries were awesome...

  1. Awesome was your "Kraft Cake" mmmmm.

  1. he remembers your MONTHLY anniversaries? what a guy!

    glad you had a happy 4th!

  1. Congrats on the anniversary :)
    And thank you for the great words of advice :)
    And your chocolate covered strawberries look so yummy :)
    haha that's about it :) :)

  1. wow flowers for a monthly anniversary?! you lucky girl! chris is pretty awesome but i dont think i have gotten flowers in probably two years. oh well. i love the strawberries excellent work! i have been feeling totally uninspired in the baking department as of late!

  1. Looks like life is wonderful for you and your man. I am glad your strawberries were a success and that you didn't cry too much.

  1. ha ha. I am laughing at the "I only cried once" you crack me up. the strawberries look great. Mmmm I love choco strawberries. Did you guys get to ride the motorcycle over there?

    I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend!

  1. Love your blog and chocolate covered strawberry's yum!

  1. No freakin way. You have a man that remembers your dating anniversary? That's a keeper right there!

    There is a correct way to melt chocolate? Might you spill the secret?