at Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

I have a reputation, you see. A reputation for being somewhat, whats the word, spacey? This weekend in particular was a weekend jam-packed with me doing what I do best.... Losing everything. I lost my phone and/or keys about 6 times, each time resulting in a ten minute search through endless piles of clean laundry on my floor... (At least it's clean laundry) I think 5 out of the 6 times, my lost item was in my purse, or back pocket. It's really becoming a problem. There is something wrong with me. B suggested I get something to keep my keys close, something like this, Poor guy. Am I really that bad? Yes. B must really be getting tired of the multiple daily hunts for my personal belongings... I found myself thinking this weekend, why is it always me? Why can't he ever lose anything?

Well, though not intentionally, I can't help but feel that my above stated thoughts may have been somehow responsible for what happened Saturday... A story which I shall tell you now:

On Saturday, we borrowed Brent's truck to haul some stuff to Wal-Mart. The truck was at Britanny & Jake's so we left the Jeep at their house, and took the truck. When we got got back to the Dempsey's we hung around for a bit and watched Alice ride her bike. As we were strolling to the Jeep to go home, B reached into his pocket to pull out his keys and in one motion dropped them directly into a hole in the cover of the storm drain....

I gasped, then froze. (as I always do when I don't know how to react.)

We just stood there for a few moments, staring at eachother, then back at the storm drain.

"Did that really just happen?"

By this time Britanny, Alice and Roxie were beside us. Alice in a worried, panic-like state began apologizing to passerby for the disturbace, then said "Oh no, I am going to call my dad!"

In the meantime, we took the lid off. Seeing that there was a ladder, and realizing that not having his keys was NOT an option, B decided he was "goin' in".

Ick. What if he tripped and fell into the gunk?
How would he recover? How would I recover?

But he did it. There he goes into the darkness....

Hello? Anybody down there? Oh no, the "gunk" got him, I knew it.

And then suddenly, from the darkness, some keys came flying out, followed by a gunk-covered man.
After he hosed down in the backyard. We went back to his house, where he showered for the next 4-5 hours. :)


  1. That is the grossest thing ever. I never would have had the guts to go down one of those, plus that one looks deep. Oooooh, I can't even imagine. Your man is a brave one.

  1. Oh my goodness! What are the chances! I'm glad he recovered them. :)

  1. p.s. I have those sandals too, but in pink. :)

  1. Wow, he is brave. I don't think I would be able to do that!

  1. One of the coolest stories that have actually happened to someone I know. Bomb BF!

  1. HAHAHAHA oh my goodness!!!!!!
    Thats hilarious!!! poor b!
    ps cute shoes!