at Monday, January 25, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

It's me, Lisa. I use to write on this blog.

Here are things I have been doing with my spare time lately, instead of blogging:

spending hours online looking at ideas for the wedding
cleaning my mans apt, because I'm swell.
putting on my bare minerals make-up because I love it
finally deciding on a wedding style & colors.
dreaming of Diet Coke, and drinking water.
changing my wedding style & colors.
making a final decision on the wedding colors.
watching HGTV.
starting 187 projects I wont finish.
changing the final wedding colors.
baking stuff I am currently not allowed to eat.
finally seeking advice from my (soon-to-be) MIL & REALLY deciding on wedding specifics.
missing my fam.
meeting some new fun peeps.
starting 3 new scrapbooks.
losing 11 pounds.
trying to figure how all of my belongings will fit in B's apt.
trying to figure out how I will keep my sanity when it comes time to make my 7th move in the past 2 years.
dreaming of being married.
becoming incredibly antsy for out paperwork to show up.
learning some exciting news from a good friend.
24. for hours on end.
crying. in a good way.


  1. haha i love you!!! what have you decided on!!!
    i cant believe you lost 11 lbs!!! Check you out!!!!!!!
    its probably the lack of sounds :(

  1. are the crying and diet coke de-tox related?

    11 pounds is phenomenal (sp?)

    you can't go wrong with brenda's wedding advice. and your colors won't really matter anyway. but- fun to stress about just for fun- right?

    3 scrapbooks? awesome. did you make a "hot tub" scrapbook? can't wait to see it...

  1. DANG!!! You've accomplished a lot more than me. I sit around eating to hide the queeziness. And sleep--a lot. I am thinking I will have some energy soon. Let me know if you need help with anything in the next couple of months...

  1. Ooooh, what colors are you thinking of for your wedding? I lurve brown!! Way to go on losing eleven pounds! How the heck did you do that? I want in!

  1. You are getting married??? Congratulations Lisha! I am so happy for you. Way to go on your weight loss.. 11 pounds is a lot, especially for such a small lady.

  1. I guess I should read everyones blogs more ofter! I just went through your blog... what a cute engagement. I am so so happy for you Lisha!