at Thursday, January 14, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

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"The Diet Coke Can"
The never-ending story of a woman with little to no self-discipline, and an undying love for carbonated beverages"

Take two... Er...3....wait, take 6....Oh, forget it.

Ok but seriously though...I have been soda-free for 4 days. I have replaced the soda with water, have you heard of it? Apparently it's quite a bit better for you, and you can get it pretty much anywhere. I think i'm on to something big here:)

These are my current symptoms:

1. Headaches. Duh.
2. Like reeeeally bad Headaches.
3. Like an ACME-stone-fell-on-my-head type of the headache.
4. Potty breaks every 10-15 minutes. Geez water. Cool it.
5. Outbursts of rage when that "Phshekk" sound is made in the distance. You know...the sound of the can opening. I like that sound. Well not any more, now I hate that sound.

Perhaps I should just not be a failure and stick with it this time to avoid these things. We shall see.


  1. so, when you have a headache- you blog?

    3 posts in one day.

    i think replacing caffeine with blogging is brilliant. can't wait to read another post in a couple hours.

    and i'm sorry about the headaches. there aren't many things in life worse than a headache.

  1. no more make that sound???
    but good for you!!!

  1. i could never give up DC!! it is my life force! i think i would probably shrivel up and die without this sweet nectar of the gods.
    but good for you! i know you can do it! you should try the crystal light packets in your water maybe that will help you not get to bored of water. Keep us updated!

  1. Good for you Lis! I gave up DC 3 years ago and I just don't look back, it's too painful! But, it did take a full month of THE WORST headaches! Good luck woman!

  1. Hey Lisa! I was just came across your blog from Sara's! I gave up Diet Coke this summer and it was not easy. You can do it though!!!

  1. To bring down a little of that stress: google "name changing kit". It made it SOOO much easier to change your last name. It has all the paperwork inside, so you dont have to drive all around and find it. :) I hope that helps!