at Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

I just wanted to publicly state how much I love my man. Cause it's a lot. Often when I get to thinking, I become overwhelmed with gratitude for where my life has taken me. Where I have been, and where I am now...Physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally. What are some things about my sweetie that I can't get enough of?

He listens. ...And I talk. A LOT.
He cares about my feelings, and my well-being.
He is an amazing daddy.
He makes me dinner almost every night.
He makes mashed potatoes from scratch, in a pressure cooker.
He owns a pressure cooker.
He always washes his socks together, so there are never any flying solo.
He kisses me on the nose when we sit in church.
He always gives me his jacket, even when he reminds me to bring one and I don't.
He pretends to care about my scrapbook finds
He remembers what I have planned and asks me how everything went.
He tells me I am appreciated.
He surprises me.
He knows me.
He texts me all day long.
He misses me when I'm not around.
Every day he tells me he can't wait to marry me.
He lets me complain.
He rubs my feet.
He likes to kiss me when I am doing the dishes.
He is a good person.
He can always make me laugh
He makes me want to be a better person.
He makes me a better person.
He puts up with my weird antics.
He laughs at my jokes.
He gets along with my family.
He is always willing to help anyone, at any time.
He is practical.
He would do anything for me or his son.
He lets me have "me time" when I need it.
He tells me he misses me during "me time"

I love you B :) Thanks for being you.


  1. i should let brett be the first to comment, but i know if i don't comment now, i'll forget all about it.

    what a sweet post. i love when people acknowledge what they love about others. you are lucky to have found such a great guy. and he is lucky to have you, too.

  1. Awwe! You two are so cute! What a sweet post! Have you two set a wedding date yet!?

  1. How sweet. i am so happy for you! You deserve a man this wonderful! :)SO SO cute! So when and where are you getting married?

  1. This post made me tear up. I am just so, so happy for you. Brett has always been my favorite (don't tell the others) :)

  1. Thanks guys :) I'm a lucky woman.

    We are getting married in the Seattle temple in April.

  1. so so cute!!!!!!
    you two are an adorable perfect couple!!!!!

  1. :)!

    Awe, Love!