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I'll just get right in to the adorableness of my Baby H and his antics of late. Henry is such a funny little dude. You'd think spending every minute of every day with him that I'd tire of the same few funny things he says/does - But I don't. Like this, for example:

Henry recently learned a new word.
The negative side of this achievement is two-fold.
    1: It's not a word existing in the English language.
    2: We have no idea what it means.

Usually I can decipher the nonsense words by assessing the situation or mood that's present at the moment. But in order to do that, the word needs to be used in a consistent or relative way to something, obviously. Like, how he says "Hank" when he wants some chocolate milk, because he points at it - I got that down.

 "DARDY" That's the word. He uses it roughly 500 times per day. So I'd prefer to know what he's saying.

I took the liberty of picking out a few examples, listed chronologically, of how "dardy" has been used in the past week. You should get an idea of why we have struggled to clearly define this word and it's purpose.

1. "dardy" is used in the place of every number. (counts the fingers on his hand - "dardy, dardy, dardy). So, numbers.

2. Excitement is shown with a "dardy! Wow!" while watching a vehicle crash on his tru, or crashing his own toy cars... But note that it's also used as the response of the bystander (aka his teddy bear) watching the crash to show concern (gently said) "oh dardy"

In the game of keep-away, which poor Henry was the victim of over the weekend, "dardy was delivered in the high-pitched whining tone, suggesting a definition relative to negative emotions and having a complaint regarding the fairness of the game..

4. Henry saw an animal on the lawn and made his little "oh cute" face, pointed, and said "oh, Dardy, so cute". I felt quite puzzled at this sudden sweet use of a word used just yesterday as part of a horrible, screechy whine.

5. Most recently, I experienced new use of this word, in the form of a question. Offering no hint to it's meaning, Henry will simply look at me with a puzzled look, and ask: "dardy?" And, adding difficulty to deciphering the meaning, no matter what my response to the question is, he'll always reply "oh!"As if he's satisfied with the answer, even without me understanding the question.

6. Lastly, sometimes "dardy" is overheard being used for no apparent reason. He'll just walk around the house and i'll hear him rambling to himself "dardy, yeah....ok dardy". Sometimes followed by a giggle. See why i'm confused? Or maybe afraid?

So that gives us possible definitions being something like an expression of varied emotions relative, but not limited to: excitement, car crashes, excitement for car crashes, concern, whining, cuteness /and/or a love for animals, and possibly used as a filler with no actual purpose in between nonsense words. Oh, and an alternative to learning all the numbers.

So, that's what i've been dealing with this week. That's my life. Aren't you glad that I shared it with you? I'll be sure to report back as we learn more about this complex word.

Okay, bye. Dardy.


  1. HAHAHAHA thats kenzies new word too! She uses it alot when she wants a gogurt!