at Friday, April 01, 2011 Posted by Lisa

I can't believe how fast this all goes. My baby is almost a MONTH old! But on the up side he is getting some pretty yummy, adorable chub under his chin. I also have this going on ... but it's not quite so "adorable" on me... Thank goodness for photoshop. Here are some photos taken by my SIL when Henry was 10 days old. I love that little tongue. it's always out. I am proud to say that my son inherited my ridiculously long tongue. Perhaps he will be able to touch his nose with his tongue like his mother. Because everybody needs a useless talent. p.s. Happy April Fools Day. I have never pulled an April Fools Day prank. I know, right? The truth is I'm just not the pranking type. I am a wimp, a peacemaker. a don't-rock-the-boat type gal. Non-confrontational, if you will. I'm the one that spoils the pranks almost immediately. I can't stand even the slightest human suffering. I feel the intense need to let that individual know that it's a joke. Even though I know a person will only be temporarily in-the-dark, I still get anxious for them. I can't help it, that's just me. I'm a prank ruiner. I will ruin your pranks.

"Please, no more pictures..."
He smiles nonstop. Usually when he is falling asleep or has gas. But it makes me squeal everytime. I love it.

See what I mean about that tongue? Snake-like. I couldn't be more proud.


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  1. Oh Lisa! Those pictures are beautiful and little Henry is adorable. You look so beautiful and happy like you are on top of the world. My biggest regret is not getting newborn pics of Luna so I'm happy for you that you got these. They are precious. I am coming to Seattle to visit my granny in a few months. It would be fun to try and get together.

  1. He is so adorable!!! and you look AMAZING!!!

  1. looks like he is posing in every pic.

  1. thank you lisa for coming over to my blog. it always makes my day to hear that people come to it and like my projects! you have such an adorable family! your little henry is so cute in these pictures!!!