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My wedding was perfect. I loved it. Every detail.

  • I loved my dress (minus the headache it was).
  • I loved my shoes, even if I couldn't walk the next day.
  • I loved my little sisters willingness to get up at the crack of dawn to beautify me (for the second time in our lives ;)).
  • I loved my two families coming together to support B & I in our excitement for that day.
  • I loved how everyone just got along (or seemed to...maybe I was just in another world :))
  • I loved the beautiful Spring flowers outside the Seattle temple when I got there (I may have cried).
  • I loved walking in the temple doors and seeing my sharply dressed sweetie. ( I may have cried)
  • I loved knowing that within moments I'd get to marry him & he'd be mine... Forever (duuuun, dun dun dun, Mwahahahaha).
  • I loved walking out of the temple, and being met with a big hug from my new stepson, who I adore.
  • I loved all the hugs and happy tears from family & friends.
  • I loved the photo shoot on the Temple grounds, feeling like Brett & I were in our own world.
  • I loved how everything I had dreaded could go wrong, didn't.
  • I loved William & Owens matching suits.
  • I loved how I didn't feel one ounce of stress.
  • I loved that Brett made fun of me for uploading a picture to Facebook right after we left the Temple.
  • I loved kissing my Husband for the first time.
  • I loved how William had his hands in his pockets for half of the day, just to be like his cousin.
  • I loved how quick and painless pictures were, Thanks Shannon
  • I loved knowing that Shannon is a whiz at Photoshop
  • I loved the food at my aunts following the ceremony (cilantro chicken, yuuuum-You rock Nicki!)
  • I loved seeing my family all together, together for me.
  • I loved that right when conversation was winding down, my cousin pulled out his electric guitar and started taking requests. Just at the perfect time to keep the luncheon fun & comfortable for everyone.
  • I loved walking into my In-laws house, and being overwhelmed at how beautiful the reception was.
  • I loved the way my mother-in-law, amidst the jumbled, ever changing mass of ideas, details & illustrations I had for my wedding, saw my vision, and perfectly reflected it, down to the last detail.
  • I loved the polka dot balloons leading up the driveway.
  • I loved incorporating polka dots into my wedding, I love polka dots.
  • I loved the candy bar, especially the giant jar of Mike n' Ikes.
  • I loved the creme puffs.
  • I loved the little (ell, and big) girls, all dressed in matching colors.
  • I loved the coral dress overload, and the wedding-color-related string of emails.
  • I loved the looks on peoples faces when we left the reception really quick before it officially started to go buy William some allergy medicine... Especially since that's really what & (all) we did.
  • I loved seeing so many people, and feeling so much love & support.
  • I loved when people complimented my veil. 'Cause it was really, really cute.
  • I loved how many people saw me struggling to walk in my shoes, and told me nobody would care if I just took them off.
  • I loved how I was convinced I couldn't remove them, they completed my outfit.
  • I loved very little, the blistered feet I woke up to the following morning.
  • I loved the cupcakes, decorated in my colors
  • I loved that the 'L' came before the 'B' on the monogram stuff.
  • I loved this only because Brett was so distraught about it.
  • I love the things that get B upset (sorry honey), because they are not only very few and far between (i'm talking maybe once or twice a month), but they are random & unexpected.
  • I loved when my cousin walked up to one of my guests, a total stranger, and told him of a bet going on with some of my family members (then pausing to point out a huddle of people across the room), a bet on how tall he was.
  • I loved that my red face quickly regained color, when without missing a beat, he responded "For half of the winnings, I'll match your answer." Funny people are refreshing.
  • I loved how many people complimented me. I wish every day were my wedding day.
  • I loved how many "now you're in the ward, prepare for a calling" remarks were made.) And how quickly I DID get a calling ;)
  • I loved when one of the guests asked me if I was a bridesmaid.
  • I loved the framed photos displayed & the small, pretty flip photo book of engagements from my photographer/sis :)
  • I loved the gorgeous flower arrangements, and bouquet my MIL made for me.
  • I loved (and hated) the large amount of leftover candy, still plentiful in my cupboard.
  • I loved telling B it was time to get the heck outta here, when I realized we were creeping up on 6pm.
  • I love that it started pouring rain as we were waved away and made quick dash for the car (awkward and unhelpful were the shoes).
  • I loved that my father-in-law hopped in the back seat, as if he was coming along. (we needed to drop him off at the parking lot down the street)
  • I loved driving away from the reception, kicking my bloody shoes off and gazing at my hubby, smiling as we drove to our hotel in downtown Seattle.
FAST FORWARD to the next morning... (you're welcome)

And then began the first day of our new life ...

to be continued... ('cause life just keeps goin'!)


~Mrs. Hodson


  1. hahahahahaha that guy was SOOO tall!!!!
    you had such a beautiful wedding!!! we are so glad we got to be a part of it!!! i love you!!!

  1. Ha! I totally forgot until now that my dad did jump in the back of your car before you drove away. I remember being perplexed by it...ha! And I LOVE being able to finally call you my SIL. So much more convenient than "my soon to be SIL".

  1. I'm so glad everything went perfectly. You deserve it! And it definitely helps to have a MIL like Brenda to pull off a perfect reception. Congrats!

  1. what a fabulously great list. i so wish i would have written mine as "in the moment" as wrote yours.
    i love watching the silly things damon stresses over, too.
    is that why you served cilantro at your wedding luncheon?