at Thursday, May 27, 2010 Labels: Posted by Lisa Best

Look how foggy it was this morning!

...And on an unrelated note, but also visible in the photo, look how crummy my current gas mileage is.


  1. check out that almost full tank of gas!!!!
    no fog here! you should move to idaho!!! :)

  1. Brett allways teases me because when he drives we get like 15-16 miles per gallon & when I drive we get 12-13. I can't help it!

  1. atta girl. i would've done the same! "oh you're bored? here, massage my feet."

  1. When we took some change to the store to get cash we were shocked at how much we got. All those pennies sure add up:)

  1. you wanna talk about gas mileage? first, buy a suburban.