at Monday, March 22, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

What do you do when you have love cilantro & garlic, and your significant other cant stand them?
Do you sneak them into dishes and hope for a change of heart? Or do you (sigh) ...learn to enjoy food without these delectable additions?

Or do you come to a compromise?

I can eat c & g if he can eat onions. We don't kiss on compromise nights.



  1. you sneak them in and say nothing. and then, when he comments on how much he loves what you made, you inform him that he no longer hates _________.

    trust me.

  1. sneak them in!!!
    thered be no way of knowing!!!

  1. Compromise. Then if he doesn't want to compromise, then sneak them in! :P

  1. you cannot sneak cilantro into anything. don't even try. it's disgusting and overpowers every other taste.

    a fellow cilantro-hater.

  1. Amen Amy! I can stand a little garlic if it is not too strong.