at Monday, March 22, 2010 Posted by Lisa Best

Photos taken by my wonderful future Sister-in-Law, Shannon http://www.luckyredhen.com/


  1. SO cute!!!!
    post more!!!

  1. these pictures are so cute! you two look so happy and in love!! melts my heart.


  1. love love love your pictures. I'm thrilled for you two. You look so happy.

  1. You are so beautiful... these are so cute!!

  1. I love them. I can't even pick a favorite because they all have a different wonderful thing about them. But I love love your eyes in the last one. And I love your outfit in the others. And I love that the face that Brett is making in the first one is exactly the face that Will makes when he is tickled but doesn't want to laugh. :) Congrats to you 2!

  1. So cute! We got your invite! i love love love it! What a darling couple you two are!

  1. Aww shucks. You two are adorable!

  1. You are looking so thin! :]
    I have been counting down the day until I see you, only four more!!!

  1. lisa--those are fantastic! you guys look so happy!


  1. Lisa, I love these pictures... the colors are amazing and you guys look wonderful.