at Tuesday, December 15, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

Well... It's true. I'm gonna be a step-mom.

WHA? Oh dear.

Don't step-moms have horns and fangs and giant warts? Aren't they old and wrinkly and mean? (Or at least older than 23?) Don't they slap aprons on their step-children and give them orders with threats of boarding school?

Wait... I guess MY step-mom didn't do any of that. I guess I'm just thinking of 'It Takes Two'... & 'Cinderella' & my nightmares.

But what about the MOM part of step-mom...

Aren't moms REALLY smart? Don't they have eyes in the back of their head? Don't they have a vast knowledge of baking, and keeping house, and cleaning scrapes, and curing ailments, and chasing monsters?

Aren't they responsible? Don't they
always remember where their keys are? And never leave things on the tops of their cars when they drive away? And aren't totally scatterbrained? And wear shoes when they run outside in the dead of winter?

Or do they just really love their children? And the rest just works itself out?

I hope so...Because I REALLY love this little guy. I love being his buddy. I love diving for make-believe turtles off the side of B's bed, and baking cookies, and learning about every insect we pass by, and watching Berenstein Bears, and hearing little prayers. And I love that he lets me be a part of it all.



  1. You start with love and everything seems to flow after that:) Also, you just learn by trial and error. Some days you will feel like your the best Mom in the world, while other days you feel like you shouldn't be ALLOWED to take care of children. The good always beats out the bad!

  1. He seems to love you as much as you love him! You will be a great Stepmom, guarenteed. You will and probably already do, treat him as your own. I know you won't treat him any different when you have a kid of your own. :)

  1. That last paragraph made me happy cry. You'll be an awesome step-mom (even though I agree that it sounds mean and nasty and I dont like refering to you that way.) And also, I dont have any of those skills you talked about. Just ask Will about the time I left his hot dog and drink on top of the car in the costco parking lot and started to drive off, and how I can never find my keys. All ya need is love! And you got is girl! I wouldn't want to share my son with any other mom! He's super lucky!

  1. Hey Lisa-
    I got here from Erin's blog. we don't know each other very well (i'm in brett's ward), but i was just so excited about your great news that i had to comment and say congratulations! I wish you guys the best. and, from what little i know, you'll be a wonderful wife and mom.

    -amy barry

  1. Haha! The realization that moms dont know everything came very clear when I had Adelaide! Just fake it 'till you make it, I suppose.

  1. Looper--you are a Great writer and you will be such a good step momma.... enjoy all the ups and downs and in betweens. Love you baby...mom

  1. You will be / do great! It seems like you two already have a good relationship. :) You just take it a day at a time and learn as you go. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  1. CONGRATS!!! & don't worry about it...you're gonna be GREAT! You have a huge heart & so many good ideas-that'll be what you need. :)

    Best of luck to you!

  1. Lis you will be such a fun good step-mom dont worry!!! I am so excited for you, congrats on the engagement!!!!! You guys are so cute and you seem so happy! Congrats again!!!!!