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Hello friends. I am a no-good, rotten blogger this month. And I have no excuses so let just move on...

Before I share a few photos from Christmas festivities I wanted to tell you all about the band I went to see a little while ago. RailYard. They rock! You can listen for free to a few of their songs on their blog. '10 Feet Under' is my favorite song. Check them out!


Ok... Christmas.

I spent Christmas in Washington this year. I missed my family, but B, William & I are going to Utah for New Years in a few days so it all will work out well. I can't wait to see you guys!!

I introduced William to my 'Elf on the Shelf' this year. For those who have no idea who this creepy looking elf is, I shall tell you. The Elf appears sometime in November or so and starts keeping an eye on the kids behavior for Santa. Then each night he reports back to the North Pole with the good OR bad marks :). Then each morning, he reappears in a new spot in the house, for the little one(s) to go on a hunt for when they wake up. The kiddos can talk to the elf, but he can't talk back. I had SO much fun watching Will talk to the elf about what he wanted for Christmas. And I will admit, it is quite a helpful tool "The elf is watching, remember to be nice!"

The boys were VERY excited to open their Wii from me! Maybe too excited. Speaking of them... I haven't seen either of them since I gave it to them. It wouldn't surprise me if they were still exactly like this:Okay, I'm kidding. But not much.

I've never really gotten to experience Christmas morning with a little kiddo before, at least as an adult :) SO it was a lot of fun... Aside from having to get up at 6am to be sure I was over at B's house before Will woke up!
Will left after we opened presents to spend the rest of the day with his Mom, so B & I went to his parents for lunch & then to my Aunts for a little Beatles Rockband! It was a great Christmas.

Of course I got a Diet Coke mousepad... Didn't you?




  1. looks like you had such a fun christmas! i bet it was so fun to be around a little one and share in his excitment.i can not believe you got a diet coke mouse pad!! i am seriously envious!

  1. looks so so fun!!!
    i'm sure the boys are looooving their wii!!!
    miss you girlie

  1. That ELF rocks!