at Monday, November 09, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

After 10 years of long, flowing (slightly dry, damaged, horse-like) locks... I chopped it!


  1. It was a good move--looks amazing!!!

  1. Awe, thanks! It's different but I like it!

  1. i love it. your hair looks super cute short!

  1. cute! you are rocking it.

  1. Love the new look! Very cute!

  1. Love, love it! Way to go!!!

  1. Oh Lisha, you look beautiful! I love it!

  1. I love it so much! it's weird to see after years and years of my big sister's luscious locks. Can't wait to see it in person! (nine days!)

  1. Oh my gosh lis! It is so cute! What inspired you to do this? It is so freakin cute!