at Thursday, November 05, 2009 Posted by Lisa Best

This little guy came over and hung and watched Robin Hood with me on Tuesday night.
I had to share with you the conversation we had while this photo was taken...

William: (totally out of nowhere, while munchin' on a butterfinger) : "Wisa, did you know that sometimes boys wear bow ties when they get married?

Me: "You don't say, really?"

William: "Yep, they wear em'."

Me: (now laughing) "So is it called a bow tie because it looks like a bow?"

William: "No. A bow tie is exactly the same as a regular tie except its weally harder to tie."



  1. ha ha ha that is so adorable! kids say the darnest things!

  1. hey that snowman in the back ground looks oddly familiar!!
    ha love you!
    so excited to hear from will today :)

  1. ha ha. I wonder where he got that from. So funny.

  1. I assumed he got it from you, because Brett had no idea either. ha ha. that's funny!